"Great Tzu" Yan has commanded not to favor.

I do not know what to do. I'm not sure if this is the case.

At 2:30 pm on November 20 at the House of Government. Secretary General Prayuth Chunyach, Prime Minister and Head of the National Peace Corps (NCC), after a cabinet interview on the NBC Order 16/2561, which was approved by the committee. Elections (ECT) have prolonged voting time. I do not have to go. However, the request came from many parts together. It's still a problem. There are many conflicts. The only power to reinforce the power of the EC is to correct absolute power. I do not think I would be useful to anyone. But be careful when you have a thorough hearing.

"This important thing has no effect on the plan, so do not ask me when to vote, I do not believe the whole way to the plan I announced, the problem is what follows, it is a collective thing to go, and the political party is the same and the government is the decision. to the summit, "the prime minister said.

To the question, Mr. Somsak Thepsutin, the leader of the Party of People's Power Constitution 60 is destined for us. General Pravit said the case with different leaders. Go out and say it. It's a question of speaking. If you are listening to it, or you consider it a problem, it can not go anywhere. Do not go on the courage or the dispute.

The question about the case of the People's Party of Power. Nominations will be nominated. I do not know what to do. General Pravit said the appointment. I do not see anybody offer it. Nomination I also have to meet. In these matters, I do not want to speak in the media, they do not mean anything. Because it's in my heart. I can not use the word infidelity. If there's another story out there. I'll say it again. You still have time

Asked whether the small party is about to postpone the election day from February 24 to year 62, General Pravit said he did not know. It's spoken in the media. I do not have to make it clear. It's a matter of government.

"What we know is how honest the government is, and even the law will allow elections by May 62, but it is suggested." It is also a good idea to look at this article, and everyone must help to make it happen. to be calm Many of us have been in peace for the past 4 years Everything has progressed Growing How can we eliminate our opportunity Destroy politics?

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