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Hubble Constant Physicists can calculate formulas The universe is expanding faster.

Physicist The new "Hubble constant" shows that the universe is expanding rapidly – BBC Thailand

Astrophysicists can measure the rate of growth of the universe. Or he called "The Hubble Constant", the last of this year By finding out that our universe has grown higher than ever before Causing Experts to Revert to the Current Principles of Physics Because it could not provide an explanation for this phenomenon

The latest Hubble measurements have been reported in The Astrophysical Journal by a team of scientists led by Professor Adam Rees of the University of Johns Hopkins University of United States. He used the Hubble Space Telescope to measure these values ​​with new techniques that are more accurate than before. This way, there are only one hundred thousand mistakes.

Professor Rees's team used the Cepheid variable in the star cluster of the great Magellanic Cloud. This time, the principle of measuring distance and calculating the velocity of the universe with stars that change light that is brighter than hundreds of thousands As a standard candle or beacon of the universe Causing astronomers to use light and flashing light at their exact frequencies as the main scale To accurately calculate the distance in space

The results showed that the Universe is expanding with the latest acceleration rate of 74.03 kilometers per second on MegaParsec. Which means the universe is expanding at 74.03 kilometers per second at every distance of 3.26 million light-years that we're looking at from the world

Hubble constant
Star Clusters in the Large Magellanic Cloud Which is the Dwarf Galaxy and the Galaxy Galaxy Milky Way There is a cephalometric constellation that is primarily used to measure the distance in the universe as well. NASA / ESA / A.RIESS

Such numbers increase from the same research team used to measure and calculate last year, which is 73.5 kilometers per second on MegaParsec. This is also a number that is up to 9% compared to the original Hubble constant calculated using cosmic microwave background (CMB) data that scientists consider to be such a state. The Universe, when it appears, about 380,000 years after the Big Bang incident

Professor Rees, who holds the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2011, said: "The Hubble constant, which counts at the beginning of the universe with the last Hubble constant that is supposed to conflict. Point out new issues in the most interesting cosmology over the decade." The difference between these two numbers is likely to increase each time. Until it reached a point where it was not caused by an accident or measurement error

Rees pointed out that this phenomenon may be the result of dark energy, which accounts for 70% of all matter and energy in the universe. This dark energy can behave differently than we used to understand. For example, it may be more dense or dark matter may interact with normal matter more seriously than before. Which of them significantly affect the rate of space growth

"The cosmological models we have Still can't explain. Maybe we'll have to find new approaches to physics. Which can combine two different dates together at two different times, ”said prof. Reese.

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