I'm sorry – I do not know how to sing the girls' feet!

The report that many people are interested in Am Chutima and Prachachai Golden Ja. Previously, there was a problem that the contract was not clear. I made the agent a long golden dish, singer number one in the camp, near Chutima and sang the song and the famous song as a song. Nemesis and a tax investigation of this.

And when we meet the longan girl in Chanee's secret, running longan Golden Longan Gibbon 4.0 yards ahead of Mall Ladprao Mall, do not miss to ask it. Report Inappropriate Content Save this post

How do we feel as a mediator of the story?
"I'm glad everything ends well We want to do it soon so we do not have a problem The song is normal I did not know then that the song will not sing The teachers call in the normal way We made the camp We would not sing. we have not talked to you, people have a job. "

Did not we feel uncomfortable or embarrassed?
We are an intermediary, the other is the boss. I do not know how to do it. This is not very encouraging. The other party did not do it. Because we are close to both sides. They're embarrassed So we decided to stay calm. We do not know where to go. We are an intermediary Now it is clear that we are still the same with both sides. Nothing will change.

Will you be able to hold the same concert?
"If the adult is very pleased, we also think of the same brother, since they have not met."

Do you know I have to play 5 cents a month?
"I do not know much about it." The working queue is also known everyday, if you sing the same scene with the other one okay, the fans commented, "After all the problems, I want you to sing with me for a long time." I want to sing the same phase.

Do you want to write songs to us?
"I do not know if there is any chance I believe that the horoscope is important for the composer to create music I want to go back and still love the same thing (laughs).

Will he have a chance to meet?
"If it's empty, it's very busy now, I've been following it through facebook, and there are three or four jobs one day."

There is no doubt about it?

The genius prosecutor has filed a tax return with us to check the tax with us?
"Longan's taxpayers are right Do not be afraid if you have to check in. We're tax deductible."

We do not know if we will have any impact on it.

How old are we?
"You are not sure he signed 8 years for 5 years"

Are we satisfied with this promise, or do we think it is a slave contract?
"No, that's good."

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