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Ladies' Column – Rabies (Part 1)

When it comes to summer The story most people fear is "rabies".

Rabies or rabies in English, called Rabies, is a serious contagious disease caused by a virus that is often caused by biting, scratching or licking wounds. In mammals such as dogs, cats, rats, cattle, buffalo, goats, sheep, horses, pigs, bats, rabbits, flying kangaroos, etc. There is currently no cure, so the disease is "life threatening" but we can "prevent "

Cause of the disease

Caused by a virus called "Rabies." a virus in which the virus is placed in the saliva of infected animals, the most common way to contact people is to bite and infect with a wound

Contact with disease

The virus disintegrates "saliva" of infected animals and enters the body of the person "wounds" in which the animals bite, scratch or lick. In addition, enters the mucosa, such as in the mouth, nose or eyes
Also, the infection will move nerves into the brain. Which time will be different

Disease symptoms

If released until the symptoms of the disease appear and can cause death, the duration of the disease depends on the "amount of infection that goes into the wound", "the size and depth of the wound", including the "location of the infection" if it is near the brain. it quickly reaches the brain.

The main symptoms of rabies

For symptoms in dogs It will be divided into 3 phases:

1. The initial phase will have emotions and habits changed from the original

2. The excited phase begins to have a nervous breakdown. Nervous, irritated, stagnant, showing strange signs such as cracking, biting, biting, everything that blocked the front, causing paralysis of the muscles, larynx, tongue hanging, drooling.

3. The period of paralysis is the last stage of paralysis that causes rapid and complete death due to respiratory paralysis. Can't breathe

** Most dogs showing symptoms for up to 10 days **

Types of rabies

Disease expression usually occurs in 2 types that are wild. And lethargic type

1. Wild type will show sharp symptoms, walk in. Some of them anxiously bite into a chain or cage while bleeding without showing pain. Some of them would run without a goal, biting all the humans and animals that blocked their heads, drooling, sagging, chin, hanging their tails, and then began to have paralysis. With more paralysis, the four legs run out and become unconscious and die within 3-7 days after symptoms appear

2. A lethargic type is difficult to observe as a result of diseases that appear to be similar to other diseases, such as influenza, measles, dogs, in an early stage animals run in silence, may bite humans or other animals if they are disturbed, and cause paralysis and finally most find a wild type. More than lethargic


Rabies may occur: "Every season" is not caused only during the summer season, but in the past during the breeding season of dogs from November to March. Dogs often have to bite and compete for a dog. For this reason, every dog ​​that has a disease spreads the infection to other dogs easily and during the summer it is during school holidays.

Next week, let's talk about what to do when a dog or cat bites us.

Professor Dr. Tiladirun Rungruangkitkrai

Public relations and promotion of company image

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Chulalongkorn University

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