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Miss Universe Thailand pulls "Raisin" to strengthen the goal of winning Miss Universe III for Thailand: PPTVHD36

TPN 2018, organizer of Miss Universe Thailand 2019, grabbed "Raisin – Medini King Phayom" to strengthen the position of chief master with a team of beauty carving experts The goal is to catch the crown of Miss Universe 3 for Thailand

Miss Universe Thailand pulls
Miss Universe Thailand pulls "Raisin" to strengthen the army, in order to win Miss Universe III for Thailand.

End of waiting for beauty queen Waiting for movement Miss Universe Thailand 2019 (Miss Universe Thailand 2019) today (April 30) TPN 2018 led Mr. Somchai Cheewasutthanon Tee Matching Khun Piyaporn Sanphosik AND Khun Narong Lertkitsiri He held a press conference for the competition Miss Universe Thailand 2019 Notified as a contest rights holder Miss Universe Thailand 5 years long, turning the history of the cosmetics industry Mobilize a team of mothers at every level Create beautiful works, including selection, leadership, training, intense, evolving potential that paves the way for the goal. "Mont 3 Miss Universe Stage" She is the pride of the whole Thai people Raisins – Medini King Phayom He holds the position of Head Master, which will be open online on May 10, 2019 and will meet for the first time 60 finalists on June 12, 2019. Followed by a competition around the preliminary 27 June and the competition on June 29, 2019

All revealed to the media about the history of beauty and this time searching for a beautiful woman.

Tee : We were honored Miss Universe Organizer (Miss Universe) grants all rights for five consecutive years from our work that has been performed Miss Universe 2018 (Miss Universe 2018) Pi Tee has the opportunity to do 2015, which makes him very trustworthy. Especially this year in 2018, after the world stage

How did you get back?

Tee : I'm glad we got the honor. But the most important is the goal we told Miss Worth, for example, that we want to bring a third crown to Thailand. We waited 31 years Raisins I answer really well, I think I thought earlier. We have known each other for a long time and we have a lot of knowledge and skills ready to go internationally.

What is the five-year factor that has been obtained?

Tee : I think the most important thing is our work. Duration of Miss Universe 2018 The media know that we have less than 2 months of action, but the work we have received is ranked number one in Thailand. This is very guaranteed. And also because of our own raisins, TPN, we aim to catch the third crown For Thailand was shocked, he told me, oh! As honestly as Yu dared to talk a lot. Yu must get a third crown and angry to tell him. Why can't we do that?

Raisins : We can do it. Because we have the best production team, we have a team of professionals to spend time. Experience over 25 years from an older team Take the 3rd crown back to Thailand in a team of professionals who have the same goal. So why can't we ( Excited? ) Very excited Don't let yourself sleep for 2-3 nights and can't sleep because of excitement. It's a world class. It's the Universe Level of the Universe Of course, we intend to dedicate time and everything we all have to bring to a team expert.

What is the beauty queen?

Ked : We talked to Keda with a team of experts. The first thing is that this woman must be engaging. First, we took beauty. Because when we went to the big scene he never listened to us. Previously, he watched that woman was engaging. And then it was funny, clever, so he had to have a modern perspective. A woman who can help as a power for every woman First we married Thailand. Our goal is to find the diamond first. Miss Universe Thailand2019 First we find the diamond. And then he cut himself into the podium Miss Universe The team met as an army. We take everyone who is a mother. Father only Regardless of the subject of the show, speaking, answering questions, analyzing questions, flair is full.

This year is also the year of the most valuable prizes.

Tee : Yes, another prize money Luxury cars We also have a seat for you. We Do Professional Level Means That Younger Person Gets Position As Khun Raisin said this diamond will be cut. Stay close, nourish beauty, food, eat raisins, combine to make it stronger. Up to 10 million? ) There are almost 10 million. Funds are the most Never tried to dare any scene

Fertilizer : Our sponsors agreed with our team. When we deal with this size, he discarded and our team expert was named Teacher Rozinka. He will wear the director's ghost as head of the head, who will cut and cut again For the same purpose, the crown of Thailand is 3

How prepared

Tee : Ready to reunite on June 12th, this day will be a big release date and will feature 60 beautiful women from this second game. Khun Raisin would have to be reasonably tired of the entire course, including everything. Pee Pui himself helped write the course. Do all the training We use the same standard system as the world class. We have good advisors. Miss Universe Organizer Said Pi It He was very surprised that we asked him to participate. Called for collaboration to hire the best people in every country Just say we have a team of professionals, especially Khun Raisin. He was very surprised Because raisins are another stage It is that we are open, there are no affiliated camps to accept or respond to the opportunity we have with talented women.

Pui : Right, TPN will focus on it, we meet, we say there is no camp. We only have quality. We want to show everything that stands here for quality. And our Thai women have quality.

Beautiful woman

Raisins : Age 18 – 27, not less than 165 cm. No matter what stage you were before, come to what we open, Basil, we intend to bring the 3rd crown back to say camp. Everyone has the same goal. No matter which line we come from, the phase we do for Thailand Who would say that When he came from Nui? We'll come to Thailand. We have the same goal Take it to Crown 3 to come back. "Ked's mother waited to meet me."

This year, the fans of Miss Nang will be thrilled. Feedback is pretty good. How do you feel

Tee : I feel good. Not a fan, but a fan Everybody focuses on quality. He wants to see the quality stage. We're not just a beauty queen. It's not just a beautiful scene. We are the Beauty Olympics. Note that we still remember you Pook Apasara Yes, we still remember you Thip fertilizer He can only ask that many people who create names for Thailand in different directions Whether it's sport or anything Sometimes we don't even remember it.

But why we always remember the beautiful girl Because I believe every Thai person thinks about the feelings of an older man That day he won Pornthip and everyone was shocked, I wanted the feeling again in Thailand. And I believe I can, But not only me, a team of raisin hairs believe it can be done, Pui Pi, Phi Nana, they all nod at all. Why can't we do that? We have a lot of talented people. And we have a lot of beautiful diamonds But just cut or not cut Follow us Our certification is really international. It's really standard Stop and say that Eh! Know before the person has asked to come to this person. Please come, there is no way we use technology to get involved. Who has no password, no entry? This is the world level. I cannot say at which stage the specifications should be blocked. But in the sense of someone it may be a sight. That was something like that. Which we want to clarify And then the level of our directors we have not yet revealed Confirmation that our directors are really valuable and qualified Not only in Thailand

How will the prison be?

Tee : The performance will be from our selection of 60 pups, at that time I started to ride, both in Bangkok, Samui, Pattaya 3 at a major point in June.

Pui They have to wait for it to think, just listen to the team, experts meet very shocked and keep up with the dimensions.Beauty of Thailand

Tee : This product is guaranteed. Nor can we retreat. Miss Universe is a shortened competition But the principle of organizing methods, how it is How to save pictures We use the same principles with which Phi Thi uses Miss Universe The picture is as beautiful as you can see. There will be a new dimension in competition in Thailand

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