Mourinho Mourinho! 5 problems Manchester United defeated Juventus

5 points to defeat Manchester Juventus

Jose Mourinho manager of the Portuguese team. He shows he is a real tactical consultant because Juventus found four groups on Wednesday in the UEFA Champions League group. It has a very strong brand. And finally he can answer "Zebra".

More importantly, Mourinho has shown skill in solving this game when a team crisis needs a door. Sending players like Marouane Fellini and Juan Mata will solve the situation. The result is that both players are important for both doors that make the "Red Devils" turn over 2-1 and Juventus will win more knockouts at this time.

1. Marked send to Fayetteville

5 points to defeat Manchester Juventus

Again in Matoro Chooser is the goddess. With an excellent game, Foully Foully is on the field and hoping to use the ball high to deal with Juventus' strong support, and now you agree that it's a great map. "And it works better than expected.

Obviously, no player "Zebra" could defeat the ball in the air. Belgian midfielder And most importantly, he contributed to the stroke at the last minute. Giorgio Chielelli misses the door when the ball comes before the door.

5 points to defeat Manchester Juventus

The "Red Army" disciples began to dream sweet sweet moments. "Fergie Times" that the team often shoots at the end of the game. And now at the time of Mourinho. As a rule, this team records goals for a given time. This Manchester derby game game this weekend will see what it is definitely.

2. Antoine Marcy plays with discipline.

5 points to defeat Manchester Juventus

At this time, Antony Daniel Marcy became the child of Mourinho and has a chance to continue the set. In the past. FIFA's bloody kicker failed to "disappoint" when he scored five goals from the previous five matches. In Turin, he will not be able to shoot, but players can defend their opponents all over the place.

In addition, Mourinho seems to be testing Marcela. And he did well. They try to speed up the uncontrolled destruction of the Juventus attack speed and sometimes the speed at which Red Devils returns quickly.

5 points to defeat Manchester Juventus

Now Marcy is full of confidence. And the confidence of Mourinho believes that players will be able to harness the existing potential. Most importantly, his performance looked like Manchester United had a new shot. And there's a big excuse.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo still works well.

5 points to defeat Manchester Juventus

Although Juventus is not playing, Cristiano Ronaldo still maintains a good standard. Although in the first half it may not be a very good form. But it can be a turbulent match Manchester United, but just send the ball to the bottom of the net.

For the second half Captain of the Portuguese National Team Imagine the best players who participate in more games. And they create opportunities for the team. Until he portrayed himself as a superstar, the ball with a nice goal for the host led 1-0.

5 points to defeat Manchester Juventus

Ronaldo also creates opportunities for his teammates. Especially from the moment he sent the ball into the pitch, Juan swept the raid but opened the fire but the pressure was not aimed at the ball crossed the ball unfortunately. If the rhythm changes to the door. This is not the end of the drama.

4. Sample of Juan Máty!

5 points to defeat Manchester Juventus

If Fellini is the slogan that is the point of Mourinho, then Juanita Mata is the trick he "sent" to save the situation. Of course, it's not really a glory because of a Spanish star. It may be a different situation for Manchester the visitors' goalie.

Insufficient referee after Juve sent a ball in the penalty area. It's like giving a big gift box to the Red Devil, and this Mata does not make fans of the "Red Devil" around the world to be disappointed. When the free kick kicked the ball from Chyy Chase's hands to the bottom of the opponents in the last ten minutes.

5 points to defeat Manchester Juventus

This is not the first time in a few weeks. He has a free kick. At the beginning of October, it was a breakthrough game that beat Hell Newcastle United League.

This match is the first game in the last 5 matches in Mata Drop's advance. Mourinho, by the way, wants to use Andreu Herrera to hope that the middle field is tight. But when the situation is critical, Maty's mission to resume the crisis is seen as a valid decision. Real big bloody bitch.

5 points to defeat Manchester Juventus

Manchester fans are expected to hope that this match in Manchester City, Mata, will again be enchanted at the Indy Stadium.

5. Uwe is too irresponsible.

5 points to defeat Manchester Juventus

Even though the form of the game in the 1st half with Juventus United and Manchester United is quite close. But some people can see that the host is a small advantage. Because the ball dominates. However, he can not push the Red Devils and did not make David de Kea work a lot.

However, in the second half, it has begun to dominate and dominate the "Zebra" game, certainly long, but Manchester United will perform, but it will not be scary. And the host is expected to have a lead from Ronald, which gives them the benefit of many visitors.

5 points to defeat Manchester Juventus

The moment the door was brought to Juventus, plus the score added to the pace that Guadeloupe's ball fell into the frame, instead of slipping into Paolo De Palma, but returned to the panic that fired. Disappointment A few minutes later, "Heidio" sent the Kwadarad ball but the pressure was not burned.

I have to say that during the host. They play carefree. And rarely it can be because of Manchester United's trust, but it's a good lesson for Manchester United to be like a "snake hawk" if you do not die is dead to death! !

5 points to defeat Manchester Juventus

Mourinho is still the same.

Mourinho said before the game that it is not a very important game. He believes the team has the option of knockouting the last two matches to meet the Young Boys and Valencia, but at the end of the game the game became "Full!

When Mourinho was in charge of Inter Milan, Mourinho suffered a nervous breakdown of Juventus nerves manually to his ear and smiled at the entrance to the amphitheater. Spread The show was a blow for the fans and Leonardo Bonucci, Juventus defender, expressed dissatisfaction with the "kidnapping" before being escorted by security guards in the tunnel.

5 points to defeat Manchester Juventus

This behavior of Mourinho was created when he celebrated the success of the game. The Champions League final in 2010 with an escape into the field after Intercontinental Barcelona and defeated Victor Valdes, Dan "I Thrown" ran.

This event will be remembered for the event, Marco Yannick, coach Chelsea. Mourinho's delight in the "Blue Indian Lion" was at last a rival. Come on now.

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