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National Party Cook! After the power of the State Sate together, government explosions, does not sell the spirit

National Party Cook! Public authorities issue news Approaching government to not sell ideology Do not pass on souls, keep words!

April 29, Miss Kate Prayaya Kaew Saen Mueang, a spokesman for a nationalist party spokeswoman, revealed that news from the Pracharat Power Party That Approached the Party for the Nation A National Party Join the Government Didn't know if the Prapa Party approached someone because he asked the party leader Mr Warak Kijlertphirot. Which also did not know the news of this approach

Miss Ket Prinya Kaew Saen Mueang, national party spokesman

At the same time, the party leader confirmed the original ideology ratified by 7 democratic parties. “I'm a businessman. Maintain a democratic ideology Be honest and keep words. And I have no problems for the party to exchange benefits with the dictator.

Mr. Warakkit Lertpairot Party leader

The National Party spokesman said it private They do not sell spiritual ideals and betray people. It is a new generation that has a long future to come. And they want the future of Thailand to move forward I haven't been in place for almost a century They think that only real people must be a real democratic country. Earth can move forward

Not that the elections look like Eligibility for people But when people gave power, we took this power. Going Back to the Dictator Just to Benefit Just a Little Dictator Gives Which Dictator Benefits Compared to Oppression Full Form That the Whole Nation, including Us Not Comparable Insists on not selling and the spirit that leaves the whole nation, including itself.

Mrs. Ket Prayiana revealed that from the case of counting new votes yesterday from District 1, Nakhon Pathom Province Changing informal election results Cause public questions that other districts, other provinces will have such errors

Are we convinced that voting results are no errors? He suggested that it is time to count the election results that should be checked or re-verified with staff numbers when Human Ware is wrong, so the system needs to be checked so that the election results are reliable and socially acceptable

The use of the election counting system can be declared a waste of a high budget. He suggested using a basic test system in an educational measurement system. No need to buy a new system. Rent a university entrance exam system to calculate election results.

To change the law, the card format will change to the card that was used. Use a black pencil to ventilate the candidate field People choose The system will help check the number and include the election results compared to the number and sum of the officials in front of the polling station. Allowing Employees to Be More Careful in Counting Results and Scoring The Company will not doubt the results of counting and voting for the National Party spokesperson. Closed

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