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Opening battle ready !! Channel 3 released a new lottery drama this May, defeating the 7-day ranking

Channel 3 Accept the heating season of May With a drama that is worse than fire … When the weather becomes warmer, it has to be rattled and supplemented. Up to 3 consecutive stories Monday to Sunday with news

Starting with the hottest drama that needs a summary of love, it's a grudge that still has full fuel. "Shadow Power 2" A story between Munin, Perfect Woman and Vikit, the youngest official who has a family life. More than ambition How can they both be married after a turbulent variable until the house falls apart? As for entrepreneurs, young women who were brought up after the paralysis of Stress in Family Problems were associated with hope in new love.

But .. fate is like pretending to be "Nopphapa" Why "Munin" There was a battle for the men, Channel 3 arranged to pamper drama every Monday and Tuesday at 8.20 pm – 2.50 pm Beginning Monday, May 6th. "Ken-Phu Phum" "Jani-Tien Pho Suwan" "Thanya-Thanyarees" (Press >> Read Story, Shadow Power 2 in front of anyone)

Linked to the popular fantasy drama Channel 3, with unlimited rotation with an impressive system creation effect for realism and great flashing lights. "Phong Naka" The war between the two tribes that arose from the epic faith that Naka and man must end this time

Fans of Channel 3 fans are preparing to deal with the snake with a strong fire in their chest, hard to turn them off. It's time to drop the screen, wait for the year to be released every Wednesday and Thursday at 20.20 – 22.50. Prepare to receive a spirit that is presented on May 8th as a vengeful drug on Wednesday, May 8th. "Boy-Pakorn" "Prem-Ranida" "Aum-Athichat"

And come and join the world "Fire Camouflage Camouflage" 2 Drama Drama World Fantasy 2 Also But Still Secretly with Drama, Going Back and forth in Revenge The Story of the Famous Girl Model in Modern Times Which accidentally took an ancient golden pin and with a miracle pin made it possible to discover the story of a poor dream girl who had to end tragically. Praying before death "I wish you a new nation with the courage And return from everyone who has done it. Watch every Friday at 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm Saturday and Sunday 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm Start resurrecting on Friday May 17th and the first day begins. "Tae-Phongsakorn" "Nisha-Natanicha" "Yogurt-Natthachach" "Phon-Nawats"

All 3 Stories, Channel 3, Guaranteed .. !! Welcome to Summer Watch "Time Time", good times after every Monday – Sunday on Channel 3 and Channel 33 HD.

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