Parking – Navigator About me Parental pattern – I do not want to quote children 3

Parking – Navigator About me Sample of parents – I do not want to quote 3 children wrong, sorry.

It's a parking lot between famous celebrities and their wives. Navarre AND Sweet nectar The party also sent out a misuse of the marine cause of damage to Bangsaen beach. Probably not. After pair with a pair of parked car parked on the brake pedal. Singers, celebrities and wives do not take the place. It is very stressful to be informed. There are 3 small children who take care of and the pillars that my family said they post because of the mood to see the paper to the curse of their parents. But when he does not write a marine claim. I have to apologize for my heart.

This is a great way to make money online. Because it wasThe information that the parties publish is not fair about their own family. Because there is no real information. Events with which events occur are different. Date of birth with your husband Find the owner of the car for several hours. Which is good to help you send the evidence. Come to a large number of Sections Sue I do not want to escalate. Increase the court's decision. I do not want this to happen in society.

The day after the accident I saw a few seconds. While I'm on the phone. Raise the jack. The party asked. Parking is parked Then get to the car. He did not say anything that was sorry Police are witnessing.

I do not want to make a lawsuit because I have a child who takes care of 3 people that fresh water. "People are parents, they should be a good example for children It is not my fault. What to do to honestly apologize. I do not want to miss it. And have small children "

The naval officer said that on the day the scene of the walk in front of the car. And he caught an eye. But the party apologized. I can talk to you. So tell your wife Let's go home. If the parties really have small children, they should be more discreet and conservative. Report that the car is not confirmed. Now send all the evidence to the lawyer. With a lawyer, how to proceed.

It has recently been reported that lawyers Navin Tar and Nectar travel to Bangkhen police station on Thursday November 22 at 10.00 to report. Story

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