Says ROV? How do we lose the network? In battle 5V5.

The ETDA survey reveals the top ten online games in the online world The game is on average almost 2 hours a day. In addition, most popular mobile games today focus on murder, strategy and team play.

ROV strategy is a game that is very popular today, many ROV players might wonder how to play ROV 5V5, how much data will be used? Today LINE MOBILE SIM Cell Phone Chat Network Players ROV fans try every hero to play 5V5 1 game and calculate the average "eat clean" to play all the heroes. How to use the network?

If you play the hero of all the lines in the game, you will see that if you play a choppy ROV, you are eating a net in the middle with an average data network of 10-30MB / games that moves into the tank and the line. Port will eat more and more. If it is a game. And that's good. Let's look around. If you try to climb to the Conqueror level, they will average all 87 matches. The game takes 15-20 minutes to reach the Conqueror level, it should take 20-30 hours. Up to 24 – 36 GB

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