Scary pee-pee! The serpent appears in the toilet.


Scary pee-pee! The serpent appears in the toilet.

Scary pee-pee! – Facebook users on 8/11. NAKON45 One man was taken with a snake snake on the cross between his legs. Sitting in the toilet. In the rescue officer's buckle he will help capture the snake that's on the toilet.

He also said the post. From the broken track It comes from the neck. Warning Closed On the eve of 8.11. The help was announced.Someone was bitten by a snake in a village in the neighborhood of Ladprao 84. The charity foundation and team together help the ambulance volunteers with the snake hunters team. Use the speed to check for help.

SceneIn the bathroom of the man's house, a serpent emerged from his neck. Blood splashing when released. Relatives relied quickly. Go to the Developmental Medicine Center. I have to send to the hospital. Slip into your throat

The volunteers helped. Plan to turn off the lights on your hands and use a loop to catch them. It is the danger that has happened and it has happened again. There was an incident, the alarm is sure to check and find protection.

Thank you for coming!: NAKON45 Anuwat Pho Ampai, the ultimate grateful.

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