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"Siae Somchai" pays 45 million to heal the family.



"Siae Somchai" Phaeng Phi Maeng went to pay for the family "Secondary Tee" and his wife, 45 million lawyers, today revealed that she still feels guilty. Stop Drinking He turned to drinking coffee

From the Somchai Veerapiphat case, 56, owner of Thai Carbon & Garf, drunkard and sports car driver to hit Lt. Col. Wichakul, wife and Dr. Piyapa Ngamsuwichakun, 12 years old, daughter seriously injured Which Mr. Somchai received everything Without thinking about escape

Progress at 3:00 pm on May 23, 62 at Saladaengu Police Station The reporter announced that Mr. Somchai Werotphiphat, 56 and Mr. Wirawut Bumjaijai, attorney and family of Lieutenant Jatuporn Ngams Wichakul and Mrs. Nuchanat Ngamsuwichakun And the insurers of both parties are traveling to Gen. Phitak Poonphuttha, Deputy Minister (Investigation), Saladaeng Police Station, investigators in this case, negotiate, mediate damages and care for deceased families.

Mr. Weerawut said it after the incident The Somchai family insists on paying all the damage. Including support for two daughters of the deceased today, Lt. Col. Jatuporn and Mrs. Nuchanat come to agree to pay the compensation. Which closed down 2.5 million baht to support Jatuporn's mother's mother in support of the investigator, and give Mrs. Nuchanat the adult way for an additional 2.5 million baht This section was recorded daily as evidence by the investigators. As for the two daughters, the amount of money will be donated to Mrs Suphaphit. Ngam Suwichakul, 15 and Dr. Piyapa Ngamsuwichakul, a 12 year old who has disappeared and gone to school, gets 15 million Baht. Minors Tomorrow will have to bring this matter to the Central Juvenile Court and the Family Court, which will be responsible for administering all the property of both children until a sui juris. And he instantly transfers money Then he returned to the record daily as proof again

Mr. Veerawut said this Today, Somchai still feels guilty. It's inconvenient with the incident And it also deserves credit every day for charity for two deceased people because they understand parents' feelings Because Mr. Somchai has two daughters who are still studying
Colonel Jatuphon said the son used to forgive people. The son must surely forgive Somchai. And if the court notifies the court that none of them are attracted to it, and Mr. Somchai is taking good care of this family. Take care of everything from medical fees, Piyapha, about 1.5 million, buy a new Fortune car, red sticker for 1 car, take care of all credit card debts for all 2 relatives, 5 million baht, charge for care children 15 million Baht and more, a total of nearly 45 million Baht

“If both daughters want to work at Somchai, they're ready to get to work immediately. Somchai stopped drinking today. He turned to drink coffee, stopped driving, but had a driver I want this story to end completely and all sides are the most satisfied. "

The police officer said the police originally sent all 5 Somchai charges, based on court decision. Not Currently Ordered Delayed Cause Because just recently, Piyapha has just finished exploring both sides. He must record every day as evidence before an official

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