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Susie moves first! When Ainin came out to speak to the fiancé's murderous node!

Still in the mood for the actress Susie Susira After a foreign fiancée Christopher Suddenly he left Before assigning an actress Arin Yuktatat He came to talk about the whole story instead of the cause of his friend's death, Chris decided to end his life. The cause is caused by a "depression" illness, they have to meet a doctor often. Because of stress accumulation that works as a bomb recovery unit for nine years and this time, it's not the first time I try to end my life. Suzy tries to drag him back into the real world. I'm trying to show him the love Suzy has for him. People with this type of illness are very hard to predict Susie is now in Chiang Mai with his family. He is not ready to go talk or give some interviews. Because Mental Health is Relatively Bad There is a mother and a family to help and support.

Chris has been fighting this disease for many years. Although Suzie is planning to take early, but this disease is sometimes a lot of things, we do not know what it will have to provoke. It made him think that way. The family funeral ceremony will take place in the United States.

Suzy's latest girl She came to comment, thanks under the introduction of the girl Aerin During the interview on this matter "You talked with such grace, compassion, love, sincerity, and wisdom." "Cheer the parts will continue to fight." "They can not talk at all, thank you." That's what Arin replied "I love you more than I can say my love"

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