That's a lot of fun.

Go back to the list of 12 battles on Channel 3, this time there are predictions that damage the valve for the 12th place.

That's one of the reasons I love you. And Zodiac at this time has a recurring golden recidivism!

Oh … what is it? Cold weather is not the same as the fate of both fates.

And finally Lecture Astrologer regular The answer is one. Which of the following should be met?

Zodiac in this period is nemesis because lovers are.Fish

And the zodiac at this period has a recurring golden recurrence!Capricorn Color and cancer I have 3!

And to see it. How did you explain it?


That is, nemesis, because lovers. Why not look at that angle. We went to love him. Trust him Love is very painful.

But it's not. It can not be emphasized that it is the love of the young. But love is in the form of kindness, trust.

This means that negligence will lead to mistakes. We have to keep this secret. He did not want to reveal it, but was injured. Need to publish

This will never punish lovers. It's destiny.

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This is a factor that has a small insertion into the life of the moment is a nemesis occurred over a period of 2 months Nov-Dec must be a cautious word promise document.

If there is no reason to fight each other, do not let the matter escalate. To understand This is this. You will not understand each other

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Capricorn Color and cancer

3. This zodiac at the age of recurrent, which means that even the golden age begins around 50-60 years, but some people are premature.

Maybe it's because of boredom and we can not complain, or emotional exhaustion can be caused by the economy. Society around all things. Create a golden age.

And also very effective for Capricorn Aries and Capricorn's most obvious is because Capricorn is a star.

Then it was suggested to solve the solution. Be aware of what is good and traveling, if not better. I went to find some watermelon.

This golden age is not lasting. But if we become acquainted with it, it will not be fixed, it will become bipolar. Let's be careful.

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