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"The film" will not be compared Go to love "Boy Takonkiet" instead of "Bie Sukrit"

"The film" will not be compared Go to love "Boy Takonkiet" instead of "Bie Sukrit"

January 31 at The Mall Bangkae, a young actor Thanapat Kavila Film After the conversation, take part in the Big Boss love affair "THE MALL HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2019". Boy Takonkiet Instead of an older hero Bie Sukrit She was hit by a force that was pushed to the number one position in the box until she disappeared

Gabi raised the position of love, brother for us?
"Oh, in the box, I think everyone loves the same way, no one is a child, he loves or loves someone special, because I think that adults give children the opportunity, everyone in the box so that everyone can have the opportunity to watch their dreams best."

As we work now, we have just stepped into the mailbox?
"As my drama Adults give us the opportunity to be fulfilled Get every opportunity better (smile) Adults go to work continuously Everyone is the same depending on the rhythm of life Some people are dependent on personal cues or at any opportunity to study For me , as you can see, there are 2 games, but the other things have to wait, it's still the future, nothing can answer.

Now all of us look like a baby, love number one, brother of a boy?
"Actually, I think everyone is the number one in the hearts of adults, and nobody is number one, because at work or going Adults they give everyone the same opportunity."

Do you have a direct relationship with us? Does Gabi want to experience this feeling together?
"Something It's more about acting There's more to do with work."

Do you think people flatter instead?
"I think everybody has their own character No one can replace someone Like Bieby is cute With his jokes I can not replace him."

Just as we compare from entering the industry?
"Do not take me to compare it I can not compare it again I am close with Phi Biem We have the opportunity to cooperate Whether it is a work, a channel or a program It is very cute, funny and awaits advice. Phiby would like to give this position to everyone, not just myself "

Fun fans will come to the drama?
"I think he'll understand. I have no way to replace Nobody."

Now we do not ask for this position?
"To be a regular Thanapat, it's best."

Is there some pressure? We work a lot.
"No pressure from adults or from the current But put pressure on the work we get every job We feel we want all our work to be better and better It's more demanding to make it perfect.

What is the current trend in the masked dramatic drama and Nataliporn?
"People like it, a happy, real life We'll concentrate together as brothers working together Emotions like a box are paired It's a constant biting

Is the nickname Green not strong?
"Not strong, nicknamed" green "It does not come from his skin color Let's say I did not touch my skin My source we shot that day And the younger sister has a green dress Patient Hospital Then someone called him green because he was wearing a green dress And he is not like a green We want to take the disadvantage that he does not like to handle it More fun No one is serious. "

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