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The government has divided the income of the boar team into charity, how many will be distributed according to voluntary news?

Boar team

The government divided the boar's income into charity.

April 30th in the meeting room, 8th floor, Ministry of Culture Press conference Contract for the agreement on the production of content Youth Rescue Mission Netflix in cooperation with SK Global Entertainment and 13 Tham Luang Company Limited In this case Mr. Ekaphol Chantawong or Ekkamai , Company Representative 13 Tham Luang Company Limited and All 12 Young People Family Government Personality Participated in World Film Production Companies

Lieutenant General Weerachai Sukonathaprakarn, spokesman for the Creative Media Committee for Luang Tham, Chiang Rai, said: "We are grateful for the opportunity to thank the different agencies. Again in the country and in the world Through storytelling We have a duty to provide advice. take into account Money or benefits Not the main reason for choosing who will be the source of the broadcast These stories But there are many stories I think Koch Ekphon will tell you How is the decision What is the main reason he chose Net Flix? the story between us, not just Luang Luang, but it's about Thai people and SK Goball as a partner that we believe it tells a beautiful story. And that's why that's why we meet here. ”

Erika North, international content director of Net Flix Added "Today is very honored. Who attended the press conference Thank you for your cooperation. Regardless of whether there are 13 children, thank you Patner SK Global Entertainment Soon it will follow this mission, including two directors Jon M. Chu A Director of Thai Party Basatwut and as Net Flix is ​​very proud to join this project Jobs with a team of Thai people We believe that good stories Can happen anywhere in this world Because people travel around the world Just like a pure flix that can be watched anywhere Once again, thank you for all gathering here We are honored to be chosen as the one who passed the story. And Thailand is also an important market for Net Flix. Today it is very pleased.

As for coach Ek-Ekphol Chantawong, a representative of 13 Tham Luang Company Limited, said: "I am a representative of 13 Tham Luang Company Limited." The King of Mercy We Help All of Us 13. We thank all adult adults, every department that helped us. I'm sure the information he received from the board that was carefully checked. That is why I brought this matter to the Cave Committee for consultation. And he agreed to work in this project Because he saw that it is beneficial for our nation And believe that Net Flix and Company 13 Tham Luang will work well And is convinced that the story will be posted in the process Way of presentation Not for entertainment purposes only but beneficial for Thailand and for the world beneficial And I would like to clarify one more thing about the agreement, which was the first report to which the law applied throughout life This is not true It's only for a while Coverage just before the incident And only after short-term events Not so as before.

Since then, to the reporters who took part in the event

Right to Own 13 Wild Boars and When Will His Story Be? And how will the compensation be?

Erika "The Rights of the Story." We are not forever It's just a moment Compensation I still can't answer Because it's at the beginning of work After we can agree, we certainly know. "

Government deducts 20% of operating revenues from this production?
Heroic "The rumor that the government will deduct 20 percent of income is really just the first thought." There is currently no clear conclusion. In the end, it must be the decision of the youth and the family to bring the company money. Whether outside the country Or in countries that provide help Which is unclear how much percent will be deducted This amount will be based on the voluntary nature of children and family. They will be used to help with natural disasters because they have previously been victims.

"According to rumors, 15-20 percent." We didn't want to concentrate. We want to focus on whether 13 children have returned to society. In return for helping the company in the middle of last year, which actually follows Thai culture That we will return something But how much will it be broken Does it matter to the voluntary children?

When will this project be published? And after production, who is copyrighted?
Michael: "Please give us some time to summarize." This year the project is unlikely to be visible. Of course, filming will probably not be this year. Expected next month Information will be updated again Which data can be updated for all 3 companies?

Company 13, Luang Tham Cave, who is there to help and care in the background?
Coach Ek "Company 13 Tham Luang, no one behind." Keep me as president And some parents of younger children are directors If anything, the committee will discuss. But if something is complicated It will consult the Creative Media Committee Confirm that no one is behind. "

This project is a series of movies or short films whose actors are national? What language is used?

Erica "Too early to determine what form." But the top Net Flix is ​​a platform ball, can be seen in 190 countries, so what are we trying to do? That's really original Anyway, he has to wait for the following. As for the actors, there will be actors from Thailand and abroad. They are expected to be able to publish details soon. "

Asked by Coach Ek As a victim and representative of the 13 Tham Luang Company, this story has come to be told in a variety of stories than in business?

Donna Coach "In this story, let the adults and the board decide what's more."

Coach Ek is one of Tham Luang's board members and is an important issue around the world that helps us. Please ask as a trainer as a victim. I would like to ask if the story of all 13 people is a personal or collective thing?

Donna Coach "is a combination of more"

Heroic "Anyway, coach Ek said it was a story about a mix of stories." Some are personal. We must respect personal rights. Some stories are useful to the public, such as the fact that many countries come together to cooperate. And together we make different efforts to work effectively This is useful to the public We are not trying to interfere with his personal affairs For example, it's his mind. As far as the work of employees is concerned, it is a collective matter. I think it is a common thing that is beneficial to the world. Which can have the opportunity to get back to Help Help Collaborative methods can be distributed as useful. But to insist that there is something personal, we should not interfere because the Governing Board has never interfered. Ask that this is true even if 13 people and parents trust us. no matter what they say or say, it depends on it. Confirm that personal rights are important. "

Can the band play jungles? Why do you use two directors to play Thai actors together?

"Michael Jon Chu worked with us as the director of two people." Mr. Bas is a world-famous director, but more people can write about the future. More details I'm sorry we still can't answer. "

Erika “We expect to have actors in Thailand and Asian actors. And that is indispensable for the true meaning of the story.

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