The new ISS statistics will receive two deliveries within 15 hours.

Space Shuttle ISS Receiving supplies from two transport vehicles on time is a new record of only 15 hours by Shuttle Shuttle in the US. Arrival to the ISS on Monday 2 days after the base in Virginia.

Verona Onnine – Chancellor NASA Astronauts Use the ISS robotic arm. He holds the "John Young" capsule from Northrop Grumman United States, named after John to the American astronauts. The first spacecraft landed on the Moon with Apollo 16 and the first US space shuttle. I have not seen it yet.

Alexander Gershout, commander of the current ISS in Germany, tweeted it. "Welcome to ISS, John!"

Ice cream and other fresh foods The first thing that proved to be the latest means of transport. Sunday

Russian means of transport bring full supplies to the ISS. The American Spacecraft's duration is 15 hours.

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