Admission that the device will not fall from the famous actor Osman! It was placed in the center of attention …

Curious questions were clarified by Özge Törer, an actor for the Foundation Osman project, which is popular every week for videos shared by the publisher via the social media platform, as well as in impressive scenes broadcast on television. Özge Törer, who caught the attention of the fan base by giving a special interview to Bozdağ Film, the producer of the Osman series, shared all his thoughts on the series, production and Bala Hatun, which he played, with the audience.

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The Ottoman actor Özge Törer, whom he watched every week with interest watched on screen, admitted that he was initially very hesitant to shed light on the process of getting used to the project, especially the characters that were written to him.

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” How will I ride a horse, how will I play a fight and how will I keep my character?“Özge Törer, actor of the Osman Foundation, who expressed his hesitation, saying: “The more you want and see for yourself, the more you get carried away.” Eventually I saw that there is now a character called Bala chick.“ He made remarkable statements.

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On the other hand, he explained in which of the scenes he had played the most influenced role so far, stating that it was the “both raid” scene on the screen at the beginning of Season 2. Ottoman actor Özge Törer emphasized that this scene had never sought the truth in his eyes, ” Bala Hatun’s despair, pain, uncertainty about what to do on that scene … Thank God I didn’t experience such a thing, but I felt like I lived there. I was so impressed that he was on that scene ” he said.

Stressing that the plateau where the Osman Establishment series is filmed is the greatest opportunity, Törer explained that they felt the reality of the period and revealed his satisfaction with the production. ”“We are working hard and hard. We work in demanding and beautiful conditions. ” The famous actor also used his expressions to skillfully evaluate the changes in the character of Bala Hatuna over time.


Ottoman player Özge Törer, who described himself as “Osman Bey’s Alp” by saying that the fight will never end no matter what happens and that he should fight more than one factor A black-eyed, brave girl who can stand upright in pain. Now there is a girl who is trying to take many things under her own protection and who is trying to cope with brain problems. In the fight for the brain, the fight in the camp, the fight between the ladies, a fight that will never end. “ He explained the situation in the form.

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