Airbus New Aircraft A220 in Istanbul (2)

Enver ALAS – Istanbul / DHA – A European aircraft manufacturer, Airbus, part of the new A220's airplane promotion tour that excels with its fuel consumption brought to Turkey. At the A220 opening session at Ataturk Airport, Airbus marketing director Christine de Gagne spoke that the A220 would save 20 percent of the seat's fuel compared to its competitors. A press conference was held at the international terminal as part of the promotional program of the new Airbus A220 aircraft. Christine de Gagne, Airbus marketing manager for the Cabinet, reported on the properties of the aircraft. After deciding on aircraft design, Gagne said that technology should be used in very important areas, and that the most important goals in this regard were to save 20 percent of fuel on the seat.

DE GAGNE: We will need 7,000 in 20 years

For the A220 family, Gagne said: When we look at operating costs, we will see that fuel has come to the fore. -1 Fuel costs are growing very fast. Other features include large windows and luggage compartments, while large windows provide a spacious and clear view of the cab, while the distance between two 76.2-centimeter seats generates great passenger space.

Journalist "has a THY command for a new aircraft?" Christine de Gagne, THY has a very good relationship with the order, but the object of a confidential statement can not make a statement said. After a press conference at the press conference at Ataturk airport, the first aircraft of the plane that aircraft A220 aircraft brought to Istanbul was presented. After that, Turkish Airline managers took part in a brief initial flight in Istanbul to get to know the plane better.

About A220

Airbus, recently purchased and named after Canadian bomber A220, is the only airplane designed specifically for 100-150 seats with original design. The A220 Series A220-100 and A220-300 offer unparalleled performance, economy and comfort on aircraft in a small single-corridor market. According to surveys, it is expected that at least 7 thousand aircraft will be needed in this market over the next 20 years.


The price of a new member of the Airbus A220-100 was announced as 81 million and the value of A220-300 was $ 91.5 million.


Some A220 features are:

– The engines save up to 20% of fuel economy.

– The A220 with effective radical innovations is made from modern materials combining wear and tear resistance to composites in the wings for a lighter and more cost effective aircraft and titanium in the body and the latest aluminum alloy lithium.

-A220 features a low friction nose and tail cone, optimized wing aerodynamics and lowest wetness.

The A220 is powered by the Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW1500G, the latest generation (Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW1100G family), used in the A320neo family.

20% advantage of seat-to-seat fuel consumption compared to the current generation of small single-jet aircraft

A 11 percent lower seat cost than its competitors

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