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Aybüke was blinded to more "sinusitis"

Dr. Sadi Konuk training and research at the Otorhinolaryngology Hospital Specialist Hasan Emre Kocak, a small girl with her own nose, fever and red eyes, explained that it brought about: "we did it in our eye, focusing on abscesses called accumulation of embryos. that we had an immediate operation, we entered the inside of the nose and cleared the sinus region completely after clearing the infection in the eye to see and improve the infection.


The incidence of eyeball infection is rare, he said. Koçak, a 5% incidence of sinusitis due to the occurrence of abscess in the eye, he said. Dr. Koçak said:

"The sinusitis that develops as a result of upper respiratory tract infection and the resulting complication in the eye is an abscess called periorbital abscess in such cases.The incidence of infections in the eyeball is about 5 percent and it is very rare that people suffering from eye inflammation If you are taking medication, it is not a type that can be cured, but if you lose, eye loss may be permanent.


Aybüke Aygün lost his eyes and was very scared and said he felt very good now, he said. Serap Aygün, mother of three children, "thin nose and fever, but the nose was blocked because it was not flowing, we first got into the emergency room, and we brought it here because it is a training and research hospital. thank our doctors. "

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