Ban on rent did not last long!

President Erdogan announced that the rent would be removed in a foreign currency. In the Official Journal, the "Communiqué which provides for certain exceptions to restrictions on contracts on foreign exchange and foreign currency indexes" has been published.

Some exceptions have been imposed on restrictions on foreign currency contracts and indexed currencies in foreign currencies.

The Communiqué on Change of Communiqué (Communique No: 2008-32 / 34) on Resolution No. 32 of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Finance on the Protection of the Value of the Turkish Currency (Communiqué No. 2018-32 / 34) was published in the Official Journal.

The Communists have changed Article 8, which contains the principles regarding contracts for foreign exchange and indexed currencies.


Accordingly, residents residing in Turkey will be able to index foreign currency in duty-free zones or exchange.

Turkey and the Citizenship Bond do not lay persons or foreigners residing in the receiving country or in the real estate sales and real estate leasing contracts that are binding on the lessee, the value of the contract and may be associated with other payment obligations in foreign currency or in foreign currencies resulting from these contracts.


The Ministry of Culture and Tourism will be able to decide whether the contract price and other payment obligations resulting from these contracts will be indexed in a foreign currency or in foreign currencies.

In the case of lease agreements relating to the letting of duty-free shops, the contract price and other payment obligations resulting from these contracts may be indexed in a foreign currency or in a foreign currency.

Inhabitants in Turkey who, by themselves, conclude the remaining employment contracts, with the exception of the contracting parties, shall make the AcAklArlA seamen abroad the price of the contract and the foreign payment obligations resulting from this contract or not agreed as an indexed foreign currency.

Termination of domestic residents abroad, beginning in Turkey and abroad starting termination of a contract for the provision of services abroad abroad starts in Turkey, in addition to a service contract may be terminated foreign exchange denominated or indexed in foreign currency.

The residents of Turkey, when entering into contracts with each other, including the cost of a contract in a foreign currency, the contract price will make payment and other liabilities in foreign currency or indexed in foreign currency resulting from this contract.


Sale and lease agreements relating to construction equipment can be determined depending on the foreign currency or foreign exchange index.

Residents themselves conclude in Turkey, information technology covered by domestic software sales contracts made by way of exception is denominated in foreign currency licenses and contracts for the provision of services for hardware and software produced abroad will be valid only for products produced abroad.

In the framework of projects to be implemented under contracts to be concluded under contracts concluded in the framework of international agreements, contracts or contracts signed by public bodies and organizations, the Contracting Parties or the contracting companies and the contracting parties to which they are parties contract signed or to be concluded in the framework of the said projects, contracts and other payment obligations resulting from these contracts will be determined in foreign currency or indexed in a foreign currency.

Outside of a company where residents subject to joint control with branches and embassies, as well as in Turkey, or control of commercial and service contracts are also denominated or indexed exchange rates may be made.


It will be possible to index fuel prices in contracts for services related to transport activities.

foreign branch offices in Turkey, embassies, contact points, in the event of non-performance of a contract abroad from financial means to operate or manage such persons will not be considered as residents in Turkey.

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