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Bitcoin with a fueling period begins in Turkey

pumping station self service Aytemiz pump company in the description of the application is handed over, Turkey has a big influence on the agenda of the day.

Save 10 TL in the store

The company said that consumers who use self-service services can buy diesel at 20 cents per liter and gasoline 15 cents lower.

This means saving about 10 pounds when the 50 liter tank is fully charged.

According to Ahmet Eke, Managing Director of Aytemiz, who explained to HaberTurk, self-service islands were established at 30 stations, where customers fill their own warehouses. The number of stations providing this service will exceed 100 in the month.

Bitcoin will be accepted by the year

Eke, the system will not be used in autogas cars will be used with a credit card for milk, he said.

Eke said they will begin to provide cash services in the near future, with the goal of reaching out to Bitcoin and Crypt coins within one year.

On the other hand, last year, Aytemiz, from 600 different stations, reached a turnover of 8.5 billion TL.

Meanwhile, last January, the Kasap Döner business chain began receiving payments with Bitcoin.

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