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BJK Transmission messages: enol Gne aklad: "Quaresma půjde"

Beikta Technical Steering enol Gne, Ricardo Quaresma also from the team. Gne, members of the press, along with Quaresma's work, also announced 90 percent of the black-and-white team. Gne, "Quaresma will say goodbye and after that time Quaresma will come instead of the same quality of footballer of the same quality."

Ricardo Quaresma's leaving the plant is full of emotions. Gne, now you have 35 players with you. he asked. Quaresma also "I leave my teacher," yantn gave. Gne, "You gave this pseudo-video. Quaresma's ok stsrman his favorite materialist Sreyya Soner was filled.


Beikta 216 mata field with blood Quaresma goal 37 goals and 76 goals scored. 16 thousand 297 minutes in Portuguese, 6.5-season Beikta contributed to 113 goals in his career.


Beikta, wanting to get rid of the financial island of the contract Ricardo Quaresma 's Porto road, technical director Sergio Conceiao concluded.

According to reports in A Bola; "We have a player in the team as Quaresma, the answer was expressed.

Porto took over Quaresma and the player was transferred to Vazgetia. Ricardo Quaresma, who led the management of Gestifut 'nin, the Portuguese enlightened cemetery, was looking for a new hand. 36 players were informed about the MLS handles.

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