Borussia Dortmund: 3 – Bayern Munich: 2 | Result of the match

The leading week in Germany in the most important Borussia Dortmund match, he fell twice back into the match, defeating Bayern Munich 3-2.

Bayern Munich, who was defeated only once in the last 8 league games, scored in the 26th minute 1: 0. Ribery left the ball to Kimmich's right wing, Gnabry left. Lewandowski head and sent Bayern Munich 1-0.

The first half finished this score; 48 Borussia Dortmund received a penalty. Reus, who moved to the ball sent by Sancho, was left in place by Manuel Neuer. Although Bayern dominated the ball, the referee caused a foul and showed a penalty point.

A minute later he used a penalty kick to go to the white position of Reus, the ball and goalkeeper Neues sent in separate corners and brought a score to 1-1.

In 52 minutes Lewandowski made his debut. How much Gnabry & nin Müller gives the penalty sent to the ball Kimmich left the bottom. He is on Lewandowski's touch: 1-2.

59 'Dortmund is getting to a shot, but the ball flies right above. Reus hit Sancho three defenders and threw the ball. Goalkeeper Neuer last minute match, Kimmich last match to pull out of line and prevent absolute goal.

Borussia Dortmund, who scored the sum of the game in the 67th minute. Piszczek sends the ball directly to the right wing and his opponent pushes his right to the right side. Reus's half a mile balls behind Neuer, met the second Bayern Munich net.

Paco Alcacer appeared on stage. Find out the ball that left Axel Witsel's defense in his own half, a Spanish player, the ball for the first time awarded Bayern Munich. He then unleashed great frustration over Neuer and held Borussia Dortmund for the first time in the game: 3-2. Alcacer scored 8 goals in 6 matches with Dortmund. The Spanish actor won this statistic first after Gert Dörfel in 1963.

In the remaining minutes there was no other goal and Borussia Dortmund defeated Bayern Munich 3-2. After this victory, Dortmund reached 27 points, with 4 points between Borussia M.Gladbach and his closest follower. Dortmund, Bayern unlike 7 points out.

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