Cancellation of 3 auctions from the Treasury – Sondakika Economic News

The Treasury and the Treasury have announced the issue of the bonds on November 12-13.

The announcement published on the Ministry's website recalled that the Treasury Funding Program of 2018 set $ 6.5 billion of overseas loans and added that foreign loans of $ 7.7 billion were made with a bond issue of 1, $ 5 billion, which was completed on November 7. it was shot.

In its announcement, the New Economy Program in 2019-2021 stated that the need to finance the Treasury was reduced by austerity measures adopted this year and included the following statements:

"In this context, with a view to reducing household borrowing rates and reducing interest expenditure on the domestic market, taking into account the net borrowing limit for 2018, a 10-year state indexed by the consumer price index under the National Borrowing Strategy will be published on 12 November 2018. The bond auction will take place November 13, 7-year floating rate government bonds and 10-year fixed coupon bonds will not hold.

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