Certificate of completion of preterm infants who survived intensive care

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– After treatment at the intensive care unit at Medova Hospital, prematurely terminated children who were narrated in a healthy manner received a certificate of termination.
In the context of 17 November World Premiere Day, which was held in Medova Hospital for the third year, prematurely born babies and their families met at the hospital. Participation in the program aimed to draw attention to the difficulties faced by early children and their families these days. Medova Hospital Medical Director, Childhood Disease and Newborn Dr. Rahmi Örs, World Premiere Day, say they care about such a celebration, but when they remember the days of intensive care they and the families stressed, the whole day they were afraid they said they had survived.

Professor Dr. Örs says, beraber I mean we can not feel like a parent like you but our staff and we all are together for a holiday at the end of a week when there is an unexpected message when watching these kids as a family and suddenly worsens in the middle of the night. We spent these stressful days together. When we look back and look at our families at least, "What were the days when we were, thank God we went through the days of the day, but it's really hard to be an early mother, father, to be a relative of a child in a neonatal intensive care unit. it is hard to work in a newborn facility The day before, we said goodbye to the family and we call it family, the next day the family returns to the machine that is connected to the fan Even if you do not suffer as much as you do, that we do as a child when we collect them separately.
1 million 300,000 children born this year in Turkey, and said that 10 percent of early Prof. Dr. Rahmi Örs, Medova Hospital to date, followed by about 2,000 early children, he said.
Gülay Çelik, responsible sister of the newborn, said they had hard times and said, "Friends, my team, our children, and even in many places we have become our siblings, sometimes my mother, my friends, my doctors, we are very happy because you are inviting our invitation We wish you to develop your children with your friends The families told us about the difficult days of the Ayberk and Aybük twins of twin children Nejat Ünal Early children experience telling us about the difficulties, "It was a very special day for us, today's wedding day. When we felt the excitement and joy of children born in normal weeks, we felt a sense of excitement and joy a week ago. Sister Gülay, all nurses, all employees, thank everyone, "he said.
Pramatüre twins Zeynep and mother of his mother Terzi, Fatma Terzi, "began with my emergency delivery and stopped her heartbirth, after his heart was immediately given intensive care, continuing problems and serious bleeding in the lungs." Ertesin continued to live with bleeding three times a day and suffered from lung problems, Allaah's vacation be pleased, "he said.
As part of this event, children who left the hospital in a healthy way received a certificate of termination.
After finishing the World Premature Day cake, he ended up with families and doctors who had a World Premature Day photo. (MI-ah

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