City hospital staff enjoy babies with leukemia

Moral activity was organized for children and their families who were treated for leukemia at leukemia at the Kayseri City Hospital on 2-8 November.

According to a written statement from the Provincial Directorate of Health, the activity is organized at the Pediatric Hematology Clinic, the chief physician of the city hospital. Dr. Ilhami Çelik, head of the hospital, doctors and families of children.

In an interview in the program, the chief physician of steel, "Today we realized that the happiness of our puppies are shared with the excitement of the used expressions.

At the event, children treated with leukemia danced costumes given to them by doctors.

The clowns, mascots and Hacivat Karagöz puppet shows, games prepared by Celal Bayar Technical and Technical Anatolian High School, have fun for kids.

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