Eşkıya World No Survivor Part 130 is released! Does Alparslan seem to be a bouncer? – The bandit is not the ruler of the world

The ATV screen, which rebuffs reviews of the Donkey Survivors of the World 130th episode trailer was published. Viewers were now interested in what would happen in the new episode. Here's the new section …

Hızır ın Çakırbeylilere "Unal betrayed us" after viewers in the new section wondered what would happen. The excitement is on top of Eşkıya Dünyaya ruler 130 Part I was released.

What Happened to the World in EŞKIYA What Happened in the Last Chapter?

The number of people who want to destroy this enemy who has lost his life by kidnapping Ömür and increasing the number of Façali people is increasing every day.

"The price of the attack, the whole family will pay!"

On the other hand, Mesut, who has survived the bombing of Khidra, continues to pose a threat to everyone. How to get rid of this dangerous and great power, Ilyas and his friends take steps to trap Akif. For the same purpose, Ünal Kaplan will be activated by its own methods.


If they don't agree with Mesut, the table will continue to lose strength and blood, but the individual Kaplan's understanding of the Çakırbeyliler agreement will not please.

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