Famous comic book writer loses his life

Writer, editor, publisher and producer Stan Lee, who designs many heroes from Spiderman to X-men, from Thor to Iron Man, has been in California for 95 years.

Stan Lee, the designer of the marvel characters, died. Stan Lee, who began working in the world of comics in 1939, was one of the designers of Black Panther, Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, Fatastik Quads, Hulk, Daredevil, Ant-Adam and many other celebrities of famous comics and the world of cinemas. Lee upgrades Marvel Comics from a small publisher to publish comic book number one. In an interview for the year 2018, Lee, who was generally humble in his work, said: "Usually I think what I do is not important, people are building bridges, doing health research, writing here imaginary heroes, wearing costumes , they do amazing and crazy things, I understand that entertainment can not easily be ignored.

In 2009, Marvel Enterteintment in $ 4 billion after Disney's acquisition of the new generation of heroic films that re-emerged in the world of cinematographic films since 1939, Lee, Marvel characters in all films, even in the case of a minor role, even if you took part in the movie. One of Lee's greatest secrets was the characters he gave to the heroes he created. He met the heroes who had the same history as Spider-Man and who had to deal with everyday human issues such as bilateral relations. Stan Lee, born on December 28, 1922 and originally known as Stanley Martin Lieber, began working as an administrator of early Comic, Marvel's predecessor, Timely Comic, in 1939, who dealt with $ 8 a week. He wrote a short story "Revenge". Stan Lee joined the army after working as a temporary editor in 1942, where he received Oscar®-winning Frank Capra, Pulitzer Prize-winning William Saroyan, and Dr. Pearson. She did educational films with Theodore Geisel, known as Seuss. After World War II, Lee returned to publishing and edited for decades. In 1972, he left the editorial office, and Lee is promoting the company. In 1980, he moved to Los Angeles, where he recorded the superhero animation long before the feature films. A comic book writer who published the autobiography "The Amazing Life of Stan Lee" in 2002, Marvel has appeared in all of the films around the world. – CALIFORNIA

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