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Goats that have been starved have begun to waste! Description …

Given that the poultry company, which operates in Adana and announces the concordat, could not find food, hundreds of chickens began to starve at the farm in Mersin.


Mersin Agriculture and Forestry Directorate, announced that the supply of feed for poultry in the poultry company that announced concordato.

In the address of the headquarters, the poultry company in Adana, which announces the concordat, about 2 million poultry in Adana and Mersin, for legal and commercial reasons, the supply of fodder was revoked for a while.

An explanation that the problem is being spent with a great deal of effort to solve the problem, "Since today, companies have reached a deal in accordance with the agreements concluded with the new companies." expression was used.


Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli said the following in his speech in Sakary:

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"Of course, the heart does not want to see them, but we live in a free market environment, while some companies are diving, some companies are coming in. We have seen that a company that has a concorded company can not provide support in this area, of course we have learned , that with me and our bureaucratic ministers and public conscience we become relieved.

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