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Great danger! This is seen in one of every seven children in Turkey

The AID Allergy Working Group organized tree-planting activities at Ataturk Forest Farm with the participation of children with asthma and their relatives with the motto "Breath, Breathe asi" to highlight children's asthma disease.

After Prof.Dr. Dr. Bülent Şekerel and members of the association provided information on asthma and treatment methods.

It is estimated that the world has about 300 million asthma patients who have noticed that Sugar, "In our country, every 12-13 adults and 7-8 children in one patient with asthma. Asthma increases in years of increase. important to raise awareness of the issue. " used.

"Treating severe asthma correctly uses drugs"

AID Allergy Working Group, Dr. AID Sevim Bavbek stressed that not all asthma is difficult. “Asthma is divided into three groups, such as mild, moderate and severe asthma due to the severity of the disease and the need for treatment for treatment. Every asthmatic patient does not have severe asthma but does not. The disease is severe in asthmatic patients who are not adequately treated. your knowledge.

prof. Dr. Bavbek, air pollution, asthma in individuals with genetic predisposition to asthma in individuals with asthma and attacks, and stressing that they cause disease progression.

Bavbek, he said:

"Against this negative image of air pollution, coal can not be used in cities and the use of natural gas can be promoted, measures taken against traffic density, increased green areas in the environment, popularized public transport vehicles, and the indoor smoke-free rule applied."

"An effective form of asthma in childbirth"

Providing information on asthma risk factors, doc. Dr. Ersoy Civelek also points out that the presence of asthma or allergic rhinitis in the mother or father increases the likelihood of asthma in children. “Nearly 30% of children with allergic diseases in their mother or father are allergic to allergic diseases, while their father is allergic to almost 70% of children with allergic diseases. disease. they share their knowledge.

Smoking is one of the most important problems in the development of asthma and asthma underlining Civelek, "Breastfeeding in the babies exposed to cigarette smoke in children who are not exposed to cigarette smoke is less than the risk of developing asthma in these children in the future is 3-4 times more. who are exposed to cigarette smoke or alone when they use cigarette smoke in the airways of chemicals they increase, the more they release.

Civelek said the way of birth is important for the development of asthma.

"Because cesarean children are not exposed to beneficial microorganisms in the maternal canal, it is believed that the development of the intestinal microorganism in this infant is not desirable and that this condition is destined for asthma." It has been shown to have an effect on.

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