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He started with a runny nose, almost lost his eye!

Dr. Sadi Konuk training and research of Otorhinolaryngology Hospital Specialist Hasan Emre Kocak said the girl was brought to hospital with a tingling nose, fever and red eye. we noticed.

Immediately we took an operation. After cleaning the nose area, clean the inner part of the eye thoroughly and clean the eye infection. In this way, we detected infection and recovery. The eye, which was completely closed, improved in two days.



The incidence of eyeball infection is rare, he said. Dr. Hasan Emre Koçak, as a result of sinusitis, the incidence of aps 5 percent, he said.

Dr. Koçak said: "Sinusitis that develops as a result of upper respiratory tract infection and the resulting complication leads to an abscess that we call the" periorbital abscess "in the eyes.

The incidence of sinusitis is approximately 5%. The incidence of infection in the eyeball of the eye, which we call "orbital complications" after sinusitis, is about 5 percent. It is a very rare condition.

People with an eye infection should seek a doctor immediately. Treatment should take place in hospitals. This is not a type of medication that can be treated at home by taking medication, such as antibiotics. If prolonged vision loss may be persistent. If it goes further, it causes the inflammation of the brain. "


Aybüke Aygün lost sight in his eyes in a few hours and was very scared and said he felt good, he said.

Mother Serapa Aygün says karsi: It was a nose outburst and a fever, but it does not flow because the nose was full. We brought here because it is. Our doctors have completely recovered and we thank our doctors, "he said.

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