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Hidden Dangers "Broken Heart Syndrome"

Cardiologist Ismail Erbakan, especially young people with broken heart syndrome
unfortunate or unexpected
case-by-case syndrome can be fatal. East, "Broken
Heart Syndrome Syndrome is a syndrome that occurs especially in younger younger patients.
Imitation of a heart attack after a sad or unexpected event
is a condition. It is a dangerous situation.

These patients have chest pain, shortness of breath and sometimes sudden death.
They can meet. Patients complained of a heart attack
It looks like. The patient's chest hurts, their breathing diminishes, their overall condition worsens.
will happen. Both ECGs and examinations
In addition, disorders such as disturbance and loss of blood occur. These patients
our opinion is like a heart attack first and patients are
we take angiomas and look at the veins. When we look at these veins,
that there is no obstacle in the containers. Heart disease in the process of these patients,
arrhythmia, breathing or cardiac arrest may occur, "he said.

Young people

He stated that East, broken heart syndrome is seen especially among young people,
"The initial reasons are mostly unexpected unexpected sudden body and psychic
human loss, illness, unexpected news
there may be improvements as you hear. It is a condition that occurs in young people.
It is very important for these patients to request the hospital prematurely.

Performing early angiograms is also valuable because of unnecessary medications.
are protected. These patients are still infected unless they have angiography.
they are treated like. It must take unnecessary thinner blood.
Therefore, patients should be treated like heart attacks, angiography,
the adoption of the necessary measures is very valuable. If the veins are open,
important suspicion of broken heart syndrome, "he said.

Erbakan, who stated that it is possible to protect patients from broken heart syndrome,
"Perhaps the most important way to prevent people who have been exposed to such unexpected events
be relieved, relieved, removed from the environment, interests and meaning
Moving With a number of environmental or family factors,
With the support of the environment, people of this type can be protected.

Broken heart syndrome occurs predominantly in women
Disease that occurs in the summer. Careful monitoring of chest pain
and it is very important to ask for hospital assistance as soon as possible. It comes from this disease
There is a risk of death, especially because the clinical situation resembles the same heart attack
a number of situations, such as stopping for sudden rhythm disorders
there is a possibility that he will come. Permanent heart failure in very severe cases
it can happen, "he said.

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