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I'm the singer's monthly earnings of Arda Turan-Berkay shocking words in Sahin's hearing

The Istanbul Court of First Instance in the 41st Criminal Tribunal of Istanbul, Criminal Arda Turan and Berkay, the private security officer of the court, sat down. Arda Turan's lawyers demanded a ban on the content of the hearing. Berkay Sahin and his wife Ozl Sahin have demanded the rejection of this request. The court rejected Ard Turan's request.

Arda Turan Identification, "Professional athlete, monthly income of 300 thousand euros," he said. Berkay, "Singer's monthly income, a thousand pounds," he said.

"I will agree"
Berkay's defense, "Arda Turan accepts an apology error," he said. "He became a new father, I do not want his baby to stay for an hour," said Berkay, "accepting the mess that he is about to use."

"I did not take arms out of the house, it was ARABADAYDI"
Lawyer Berkay Sahin Arda Turan & "Why do you use a gun instead of a flower?" he asked. Arda Turan said: "You're right, it was not right to go with the gun, it was 5:00 in the morning, I did it to show honesty, the family was a sensitive affair for me.
Meanwhile, at the night of the event, Berkay showed Arda Turan how to hold his neck to a private security guard.

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"I did not talk about this subject in the case of"
Arda Turan "I do not accept any allegations, Berkay's wife and his family were not in such a thing." Berkay told me during the speech that he … "he said.

Attorney Berkay Sahin at this Aysegül marble, "Miss Özlem did not know why you think such a slander?" he asked.
Arda Turan takes the words and says, "I do not know how other people are doing, its answer is to ask their clients."
Ozlam Sahin said, "At night Arda Turan," very nice, I should not miss you if you were not married. "Arda Turan was an alcoholic, I left, I did not attack anyone, I had a baby in my stomach, he was accustomed.

Berkay's lawyer said, "As far as equality of justice is concerned, use Ahmet Arda Turan for what concerns him." The decision on the arrest is your discretion and we are calling for the implementation of the provisions of judicial control, "he said. The court postponed the hearing on 19 June.

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