Is a new episode trailer published by my daughter series? What is the story?

My daughter appeared on Friday, November 9, with an emotionally busy episode. Moments when Demir learned about the history of the disease deeply affected my daughter's audience. In the last episode of Kızım, who left behind 9 weeks in her adventures on the screen, Demir, despite all the crazy movements, went to negotiate with the doctor. Demir learned that the young girl was fighting Niemann-Pick, who had an inherited illness and could not be treated, touched the heart of the state. My daughter has been transformed into 10 episodes.

My daughter can watch a new episode trailer broadcast can not be published.


Öykü Demir suddenly disappeared after speaking to a doctor and giving him great fear. Demir. He was looking for the story successful, but he was shaken by what he had learned. Demir, who was caught unprepared for a sudden monitoring of social services, issued a great test in the face of the possibility of losing the story he faced again. Dr. Ihsan, who called Demir, told Father Öykü at the end.

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