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Konyaspor vs Galatasaray Match Result: 0-0 – Super League News

The thirtieth week of the Super League final match with Atiker Konyaspor shared a trump card. As the match ended in a 0-0 goalless settlement, the Yellow-Red team lost the opportunity to become a leader in the week lost Başakşehir.

As a result, the Galatasaray score was raised to 60, the leader reduced the difference to 2 points with Basaksehir. The Yellow-Red team was 1 point ahead of Besiktas.

Atiker Konyaspor raised the league's desire to 11 points and increased his score to 38.

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The first whistle was heard in the match and the match started.

Both teams have difficulty entering the first 10 minutes.

The first danger was the 17th minute. Sofian Feghouli & # 39; nun's left side created an opportunity for the visitors 9 minutes into the match, and he fired just over the crossbar.

Konyaspor, 24 minutes, found a clear position for the first time. Omer Ali Sahiner hit the ball far from the keeper's penalty area, but Fernando Muslera was in the penalty area.

The home crowd was not impressed when Fernando Galatasaray came in from the right, shooting hard to score after 28 minutes.

A corner kick from Galatasaray after 30 minutes played. Younes Belhanda was awarded a corner kick. Atiker Konyaspor's defense in the middle of Belhanda greeted the ball on the front pole.

In the 45th minute, the center of the right wing Feghouli went to Onyekur, who moved to the penalty area and the ball went to the crown.

45 + 1 in the middle of the upper part of the Galatasaray turn, Feghouli in the penalty area brought the ball. Algerian Stars scored a goal from the air, but he could not get the ball.

45 +2 in Feghouli Fortress and his revelation Mbaye Diagne couldn't touch the sixth.

The first half is over.


The other half started.

Galatasaray Belhanda was approaching for him after 57 minutes. The Moroccan Star in the penalty area from the penalty area shot cars.

The 60th minutes, the first footage of the castle came from Yatabare, but this image did not move Musler.

65 minutes from Galatasaray. Belhanda's Diagne swung in a good chance from the left, but Serkan Kırıntığı took the ball and wasn't able to hit the ball.

73. Atiker Konyaspor da Jevtovic was far from the castle, the last moment of Musler's corner slapped into the corner.

In 74 Jahovic was replaced by Yatabare.

At 75, Galatasaray changed two players. Emre Akbaba and Mitroglou came to Belhanda and Onyekur.

Omer Ali Sahiner came on for Hadziahmetovic.

79. Ndiaye nin replaced Selçuk instead.

Uğur's Demirok was shown a yellow card for standing over the ball and blocking an opponent's quick free kick after 80 minutes.

After 81 minutes, the ball was set down in Emre Akbaba, but the ball was lifted by Diagne.

90 + 1 saw Fernando in the yellow card.

In 90 + 6 Donk sends his head off the corner.

The match ended at 0-0.

Konyaspor – Galatasaray … t

Konyaspor: Serkan, Skubic, Diagne, Ugur Demirok, Zuta, Jevtovic, Fofana, Jonsson, Omar Ali, Milosevic, Yatabare.

Galatasaray: Musler, Mariano, Luyindama, Donk, Nagatomo, Fernando, Ndiaye, Belhanda, Feghouli, Onyekur, Diagne.

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