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Last Minute! Dilber Ay died! Who Is Dilber Ay?

Dilber Ay, who went to Ankara for a visit to his relatives in Ankara, was ill and was taken to Ankara Training and Research Hospital with ambulance at 22.05.

Doctors had a heart attack, determined to spend the last month trying to keep artist Ay. Dilber Ay, despite all the interventions.

Emergency Service Officer Kemal Günaydın, Dilber Ay, arrived at the hospital at 22.05 hours, despite all the interventions that received the death response, and 23:00 died at the time.

Artist Dilber Ay will be buried in Düzka.


After the news of the death of famous artist Dilber Aya, he shared a lot of condolences from the art community.

Ibrahim Tatlises, who has a share in his Twitter account; the message, "Dilberay am in deep grief at the loss of my brother …" Laughter, fairy tale, with a beautiful voice will remain in my mind. May the grace of God come from the deceased; expressions.

Semiha Yankı shares her Instagram account "Light in the Lights … Dilber Ay … I'm so sorry."

Armağan Caglayan shares the Instagram account with Dilber Ay, "You didn't have to go so early Abby …. very sad or hu! So I didn't feel sorry!


Dilber Ay, the official name of Dilber Karakaş. He was born on January 1, 1956, in the Pazarcık district of Kahramanmaraş. Dilber Ay, a member of the Kureyşan tribe, studied in Kahramanmaras Province until the third grade. He and his family settled in Ankara before Kahramanmaraş and moved to Bol-Düzka. He could not attend a school in Düzce and was married to an old man at the age of 13. Before they got married, the radio came looking for the beautiful voice of Duzz. Gönül Gel Let's talk to you and win first prize in beautiful sound competition. As a mother of two, he left the person he married for a while. After being recognized on the radio, he had 24 albums. He was twice in prison in Germany. He held a television show called Kadere Prisoners Flash TV.

Dilber Ay, first known on the radio, announced his name to a large audience with Hacı Ağa song. He played in dü Beynelmilel, and in his first role he won the Golden Boll Award. He starred in the film Hayat Sana Güzel & # 39; directed by Murat eraeker. In 1998 he married his current wife Ibrahim Karakas. Speaking of my marriage, Dilber Ay said: Dil The first day of love and excitement still exists with us both. We couldn't come today, if not. "

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