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Latest News Esin Yağmurdereli Gülben Ergen is on a television show on white television

Last minute news Esin Yagmurgereli Gülben Ergen is on a television show that appeared in the last minute development details on November 21, 2018 on Wednesday. Esin Yagmurdereli reveals lies on white television yesterday Yağmur

Manolya news (Press release) (Blog) instead of reports News Latest news Esin Yağmurdereli Gülben Ergen lies on white TV revealed last moment of development in our details November 21, 2018 Wednesday Esin Yağmurdereli Gülben Ergen Lie White TV revealed details of last-minute development Tuesday 20th November 2018. Gülben Ergen took part in the television program "Osman Yagmurdereli died in his arms," ​​says the wife of the famous producer, "Last Minute (Press Release) (Blog) instead of reports on Array Esin Yağmurdereli Gülben Ergen lies on White TV bi Read news from the source Last news Esin Yagmurdereli Gülben Ergen's lies were unveiled on White TV CLICK HERE at the last minute Magazine news and details: This RSS feed is outdated MasterChef Murat: In your pocket is 10 pounds I wish I did not participate in the competition is displayed on TV8, MASTERCHEF Turkey, which made its own name with the competition Murat Özdemir, yesterday AVM

Read the details of the news sources Esin Yağmurdereli Gülben Ergen's lies were revealed on television on white CLICK HERE

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MasterChef Murat: I have 10 pounds in my pocket! I wish I did not participate in the competition

TV8 on screen, MASTERCHEF Turkey, who made his name with competing Murat Özdemir, had yesterday removed events at the mall. , 2. After the images published in & # 39; Page & # 39; a description of Ozdemir dan appeared. 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5 · 6 · 7 · 8 · 9 · 10 · Next ».

Confession Ali Ağaoğlu of Duygu Su Gülpınar

Businessman Ali Ağaoğlu's former mistress Duygu Su Gülpınar, Channel D, published in 2. The page was a guest of the program. Gulpinar and Ali Agaoglu said they missed the days they spent with "Money would be with him," he said.

What happened to the last episode? Was New Episode Pendant Released?

The last episode that appeared on the screen continued publishing, which was dedicated immediately. In the last episode of the series, Alparslan learned that the traitor was Fire in front of someone else. Ilyas ise

There was a forbidden 24th episode of Apple: Will Alihan be Killer Halit?

The forbidden apple is in section 23; Faced with the fact that Yildiz was pregnant, Chalid took Ender completely out of his life at his request. The last part of the Forbidden Apple; Alihan, trapped in Hira's trap, managed to escape without injury, while Ender and Halit and Yıldız ended

Deniz Seki lost 33 pounds in 9 months

Deniz Seki performed a stomach reduction operation on February 16, 2018, when she had more than 90 kilograms. The singer who lost 33 pounds in 9 months fell to 57 kilograms. The new populer, which is in front of the lens, kilo I stop after giving 2-3 pounds more. Healthy eating, sports, "he said.

Solmaz Chiros overweight form is a very interesting analogy!

Solmaz Çiros, who announced his marriage program, stood in his last overweight work. Solmaz Çiros, known for her dance moves in the marriage program, then starred in the television series Ettir Ask-ı Roman Ev

Let's have an emotional birthday sharing for the daughter of Samyel!

Defne Samyeli, who did not leave Cem Yılmaz, celebrated her birthday with her share of social media. Samyeli shares: "Every new year of beauty and joy in the hope of being together. I love you so much." Notice …

Shocking claim to Kanya

Singer Kibariye announced that he had canceled the concert in Dortmund on the previous day due to problems with the organizer. Cevdet Genç, the organizer of Kibariy, published in Channel 2. Page "program explains a specific explanation.

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