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Mahmut Uslu's reaction to Ali Koc

Mahmut Uslu made the following statement:

I believe I am obliged to answer the questions I have mentioned in my name, in the name of a former manager who is not appointed by Mr Ali Koç at a meeting of the Fenerbahçe Sports Club on Saturday.

First of all, I consider it a positive development on behalf of Mr Koç, whom I have described as disrespectful, that the ümüz statement with interviews with Öncelikle is not published on the official site of our club.

The words hac come to our house for the seizure of leri, which I attributed to Mr. Koç, I do not belong to. It was published by a journalist as if it were from my mouth. Mr. Aziz Yildirim, one of the legal documents sent by factoring companies to our members and other former colleagues, was sent to our club, Mr. Koç must know that my house is not subject to foreclosure. Like him, he knows that he and other ruling friends have not been confiscated. In this regard, Mr Koç is very sad, even though he has not publicized the name in public, so that he no longer speaks as a basis and reality.

Another problem is "can't talk from the back". I have not criticized anyone else since the election day, Mr Coach and our new management. We didn't say a word about their performance. Because we are passionate about Fenerbahçe with promises and ideas for this club. We know exactly where and when to talk. Whenever the time comes, we never stop thinking about our thoughts without fear.

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I can also publicly discuss, whenever and wherever, the bad decisions and failures you have experienced. It is also time to discuss issues that do not have real reality to change the program. That won't help anyone.

Finally, I would like to say that the professional football team Fenerbahçe is the worst period of our club's history, as accepted by Mr Koç. Mr Ali Koç should primarily address this point and develop retreat strategies. Instead, it is not time for Fenerbahçe to lose one day with eagerness to create public opinion, an artificial agenda, artificial battles, and artificial enemies.

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Mahmut Usludan Ali Koça answers

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