MasterChef Murat explained Acun Ilıcalı: We have not decided to survive

It is expected that the Survivor season in 2019 will come from an explanation of Acun Ilıcalı dan. Ilıcalı announces both the start of the Survivor 2019 and the question of whether Masterchef Murat will take part in the competition.


Murat Ozdemir's publication in "I Acun your brother justify in apology to my father. I do not want to be angry at me, but I went to the Survivor because these movements were canceled," he said. After this statement, all eyes were translated into Acun Ilıcalı. If Ilıcalı Hurriyet complained about this issue, he would have explained the subject: "We did not have to decide to do so … I write such things on the social media, then the big pages are new, I do not want such a rating." he said. In the Ilıcalı statement, the Survivor Turkey-Greece will begin in February.

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