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The Ministry of Commerce has introduced new measures for bakers who do not allow them to pick up bread. Last week, 1 kilim of bread on the big market chain from the baker to make at least 85 cents out of the requirement to take the ministry of small businesses such as food buffet, even for 80 cents to rule. So the baker will be protected.

LARGE market chains, 85 kg baker's bread; small businesses such as food, buffet, etc. will not get under 80 kurusů. In this way, pressure on baker to sell "cheap" to reduce losses and to try to prevent damage. Large markets will be able to return up to 5 percent of the bread they receive in the morning. As a result, on the market of thousands of bread, will be able to return only 50. The Ministry of Commerce seeks to save part of 5 million of bread that is dropped every day.

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The Ministry of Commerce is trying to support baker who wants to raise the price of bread after a rapid rise in flour prices and an increase in electricity and gas prices. On 28 September, the ministry added provisions to the Retail Regulation to prevent large shops and bread markets from buying baked bread from Bakanlık's cheaper purchasing power. "The amount to be made per unit amount may not be less than 85 percent of the maximum price in the tariff", the bread supply in the supermarket below the market of 85 cents was cut off by the baker.
The ministry brought 80 percent of restrictions to small businesses, such as food and food, yesterday. So small businesses such as food, food and buffet will not be able to buy bread from a bakery below 80 kurus.


In the Ministry's information recommendation, it was emphasized that retail sales should be conducted under free market conditions under competing conditions. However, "the necessary legal and administrative measures to be taken within the law taking into account the economic conditions of our country" are still being taken, stressed the emphasis. In this context, the goal is to protect manufacturers from retail businesses and suppliers, make efficient use of resources and prevent waste from changes in the Retail Regulation.

Chairman of the Federation of Bakers Turkey Halil Ibrahim Balci, changing the regulation, keeping the manufacturer to avoid unfair competition, maintaining the quality of bread is important, saying, "20 percent of the grocery store in profit margins is also reasonable to leave. But in a variety of bread, optional items of production, prices will be determined in terms The consumer material refers to bread and we say we found it very positively.


Chairman of the Balkans Federation of Bakers, "Large stores, chains and suppliers in one day received from the manufacturer of the goods referred to in the first paragraph may be returned on the basis that five percent of the goods can not be returned on the basis of" the reserves were evaluated as follows: "If the market chain bakes 100 bread, 5 of the most, sometimes returned half of that cost is happening and installed us now a more moderate credit, the return will decline.Turkey, produced all day 100 million, bread, it is 95,100,000 consumed 4000000 if 900,000 bread will lose. in front of the bread was unnecessary by the Ministry of Restriction Refunds "Significant constraints both cost reduction and waste."

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