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Monthly salary for those who share their lives on Facebook

A Facebook Aggregation that collects user information for a certain amount of time may vary from 13 to 35 years. "Facebook Research Application" found he had paid $ 20 a month in exchange for setting up.

BBC North America is news BBC North America Technology Reporter Dave Lee, according to a report, Facebook's latest research, participants pay for access to all kinds of personal information, he says.

According to a recent TechCrunch study that publishes technology news and analyzes, this latest Facebook app violates Apple's privacy policy.

According to the report, this app gives Facebook "almost unlimited access". Facebook users' phones:

– All content, including videos and photos, in messaging applications

– Email content

– Internet browsing information

– Where and when applications are used

– Uses continuous and lively position information

– And he has access to recovery data.

In addition, it was also found that Facebook wanted users to purchase Amazon order screenshots from users who participate in the program.

The company said it was a market survey, and all participants received consent, and users under the age of 18 received parental leave.

For a fee, Facebook announced that it had stopped searching on Apple phones.


In the TechCrunch reports, official Facebook says that this program is not "Facebook Research Application" and continued:

"We are not spy, as we say, all participants were involved in the process by letting them know what they are and without paying." Less than 5 percent of those surveyed by the market were under the age of 18 and parental leave was taken.

When the BBC asks for how the parental privileges were received, the rights were granted by third parties and Facebook was not included in the process.

Apple has not yet made a statement about a violation of our privacy policy. They said they were informed about the request and that they would soon make a press release.

Facebook was also used on Android phones, but no Google comment was available for this issue.

In 2013, Facebook re-created another application called Onavo for market research. Last year, Apple revoked its rating on data collection in August.

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