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My Bride Who was the winner of the kitchen on January 31?

Who will win the day in the kitchen? The question was found after the evaluation was completed. In a new section dated January 31, 2019, he announced the results of Fatih Ürek. Here is a short time before the final of the week and the latest developments in the program before the vote

Ezgi, the bride in the view room by taking the other brides in front of her mother-in-law belly and singing her mother-in-law Reyhan Hanim and Songül Hanim with her brides in the kitchen. She's going to be a brothel with a broom in her hand, Mrs. Reyhan, the bride in her mother to be worthy. When she tried to escape from her mother-in-law, the bride seemed to have a hard time. Here are pictures of the bride and mother-in-law!


After the announcement of points on Thursday, it turned out that most of the unsuccessful names of the day are clear. Fatih Ürek's announcement of reviews at the same time appeared on the first day.

The lowest point of the day, the name was the last day. At the same time, this score was the second highest score of all time. On the other hand, the second point on January 31 with the lowest score of 13 points was Sinem. With the highest result of the day and the winner of the day and quarter, Gülcan's gold competitor had 17 points.

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