Nurse Nurse Film Star Player, the city divided the city into two

The world-renowned film star for adults was the number one show in the city. The city of Toowoomba, Australia, is pretending to ban these films. Famous Australian adult film star Kiki Vidis, facing a city ban in the city.


Vidis wants his sector to be released. Actor shoots such films for 11 years. After previous treatment, Vids made a sharp arrest in his career. Vidis said that the ban on Australian women had come into the agenda because of jealousy. The player is trying to get support from the Toowoomby. Vidis also explained the content of the emails he received. Kiki Vidis, "90 percent of incoming emails are positive, 10 percent negative." Adult filmmakers Letitia Shelton, one of the adult film opponents, Letitia Shelton, new generation.

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