Ozan, born in 2000, is on the list of giants

Galatasaray 18-year-old plug Ozan Kabak, with the performance of European giants entered the radar.

The Italian Tutto Mercato site claims that Inter, then the Milan and Rome teams went after Ozan Kabak & # 39;


Inter's Ozak Kabak has recently begun to be interested in the Ozan race, but Inter is not the only one said. Series A, Milan and Rome were also interested in Ozan, especially the Roman sports director Monchi's Nun Ozan Kabak, just following the alleged one.

Less than EUR 20 million

On the other hand, Galatasaray will start a deal for a young plug of at least 20 million euros, a lower amount would not accept the proposed one.

The scout in different parts of the world, including the Italian team Inter, followed Ozana Kabaka in the match of the Galatasaray Champions League with Schalk and handed the young football player a mark.


The scouts who watched Ozan in the Schalke match made the following remarks;

-Fabio Galante (Inter Scout): Do you know which player I came from? Did I see Cannavaro? Let me keep this and my club.
– From Roberto (German Kick & Run Scout): You ask me about the player that every management company wants to work with.

-Victor Manas (Arsenal analyst); Every player who has reached the level of the Champions League is valuable. Yes, number 43 is on our list of analyzes.

-Cyrille Domoraud (Côte d'Ivoire Administrator); An 18-year-old champion in the Champions League can have a much larger career than I do if he makes the right decisions.

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