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prof. Canan Karatay Ramadan iftar diet recommendations!

Internal Medicine & Cardiology Specialist Contact Canan directly; "Eating two meals a day means giving the body the opportunity to rest, relax, recover and return to factory settings." he said.


Karatay; "Water is very important to our body. We have to prepare for Ramadan. We need to dilute our body, so drink plenty of water. It's very important to drink olive oil and coffee to make the gut work well." he warned.

Internal Medicine & Cardiology Specialist Canan Karatay, in the month of Ramadan, provided advice on healthy eating.


Karatay said that the month of Ramadan is very important to human health, fasting on hot days and long days should be consumed enough water, he said.

prof. Karatay, two meals a day to eat, Ibn-i Sina "two meals are healthy, the third meal is a disease." recalls


Hz. Karatay said that Muhammad is known to eat two meals and less, "This (two meals a day), the body to rest for a while, to relax, to recover, to return to factory settings, to give an opportunity to return. to eat two meals a day and three meals a day if the patient is sick.

Karatay explained that everyone should continue their normal life in fasting, "I am 76 years old, I eat 2 meals a year and live my normal life. I also do all kinds of activism." , sugar and sweet drinks. used terms.

He stressed the importance of not being dehydrated in Ramadan to feed on genuine and healthy proteins and carbohydrates, and to avoid "empty" calories, fast foods, and slow foods.

Pointing out the importance of water Karatay, ramazana should be prepared by drinking a lot of water, saying, said: t

Eat meals

"We have to dilute our body, so drink plenty of water, because iftar headache is not hungry, not thirsty. There is nothing to prepare the body to eat less than now. You will eat healthy." Every human being needs a different body, processed food, food will not be in the package, the package will not be sweet, sparkling drinks. If healthy, true nutrients enter the body, it is no longer hungry.

Karatay pointed out that fasting without risk to health is risky for health and gave the following advice:


Da Omelette can be eaten and the egg is very important, but it will be a village egg and there will be butter in the village. The most important thing is not dehydration, we have to start watering the body a few days ago.

They are not like old Ramadan pita, but can be consumed by driving a small piece of butter. Cheese is also very important. Full cheese and wholegrain yogurt should also be consumed. A handful of dry walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts.


If you don't eat too much food, it should be eaten in Karatay, "We can open soup with trout soup. Lentils, tarhana or plateau soup can be. Of course we should consume water. iftarda, intestines well functioning for olive oil and coffee is absolutely important, after a while don't eat the soup, after what you can eat. used terms.

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