Sweden – Russia: 2-0

UEFA also Turkey's International League 2 Sweden in Group B, emerged as the leader of the league.

In the last match in the group, Sweden, 41 minutes Victor Lindelöf and 72 minutes goals Marcus Berg 2-0 Russia defeated.

The average leader has ended

With this result, by achieving 7 points, Sweden, the group completed the leader before Russia, the group wrote the name A League.

Group C Champions League to observe the fall of Turkey, the match against Russia lost with the result of 2-1 and 2-0. Nationalists defeated Sweden by 3-2, 1-0 defeated their opponent at home.

Group games are over

UEFA League League Matches Won matches completed. In the sixth week of the new UEFA national league, A total of 7 matches were played in A, B, C and D.

The leading semi-final in Group A Group 3 is Portugal 1: 1 with Poland.

B League fell to lower league Turkey stayed second in group 2. In Sweden, Russia was defeated 2-0 at home. Sweden, Russia from both teams scored points obsolete and battles in A League.

Scotland in Group C Group 1 beat Israel 3-2. With this result, 9 points, Scotland, B League, Outing. Albania, the group with 3 points last fell to the League.

Serbia beat Lithuania 4-1 in group C of group 4 and reached 14 points and printed its name in the B League. In Serbia, football player Adem Ljajic scored the last goal of the team. Lithuania in the last round without points in the group went into the lower league.

In Group 3 League 3, Azerbaijan achieved a score of 4-0, which increased the score to 14 and became a league team C.

The results are as follows:

League A

Group: Portugal-Poland: 1-1

Liga B

Group 2: Sweden-Russia: 2-0

League C

Group 1: Scotland-Israel: 3-2

4. Group: Serbia-Lithuania: 4-1

4. Group: Montenegro-Romania: 0-1

Liga D

Group: Malta-Faroe Islands: 1-1

3. Group: Kosovo-Azerbaijan: 4-0

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