The second best time to resist tyranny today!

Bitcoin and other crypto-coins suffered a dramatic decline yesterday as a result of the hash önemli warfare in Bitcoin Cash, which is on the brink of division.

Meanwhile, Craig Wright, known as "Fake Satoshi," which sells waves in cryptographic coins, threatens to lower Bitcoin's price if the miners move to BCH before the next bifurcation. The one who stands behind Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), which should be bitten by the Bitcoin Cash bifurcation, may have to sell the BTC to close the gap if you switch to miners of the crazy BCH. Think, Buna, he said he could even send a $ 1000 prize.

Also, Wright, rival Bitcoin, is now trying to kill ABC. Wright's remark on this issue was supported by many of Bitcoin ABC's supporters. ViaBTC, a large mining fund based in China, criticized Wright with strong Twitter expressions.

The founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, who previously described Wright as a "scam" wrote, quoted ViaBTC as saying, wrote:

The best time to resist tyrann or madmen was a year ago. The second best time today. İkinci

Bitcoin Cash Bifurcation will be held today and competition between two rival networks, namely Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV, is still disturbing. According to Coin.Dance, Bitcoin is now a mining company with 65% mining power.

It is said that Bitmain and other large mining funds will switch from Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash to close the Bitcoin ABC gap.

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