Tuesday , July 23 2019
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Goldman, Central Bank of Turkey (CBT) is probably a pound diversion from support for strengthening the Turkish lira can send levels observed during the last crisis in mid-2018, he said.

BloombergHT Day by the Gap Zach Pandl, headed by Goldman's Strategists, April 26, commented: "Last week after meeting to report the need for" additional tightening will be needed to eliminate "discourse, both interest rate cuts and even greater currency value opened the door "

Goldman predicted that TL could drop to 6.5 against the dollar in the next six months and 7 at 12 months, losing 15% next year. The USD / TRY exchange rate was on Monday at 08:05 at 17:30.

Goldman economists Murat Unur and Clemens Grafe, in a separate note on April 25, "Interest rates, as seen in the increase in the share of foreign exchange deposits in the banking system, is not high enough to regain confidence in Turkish Lira," he said.

"CBRT will have to take steps to stabilize the TL," Goldman's economists said. "Savings owners will need more risk premiums to be willing to increase Turkish Lira's stake in their deposits," he said.

Economists, low-level and declining foreign exchange reserves might possibly reduce confidence in TL, he added.

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