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Visa moves from Turkey! The brokerage service is coming

Organizations from countries with which Turkey has introduced a visa requirement for people who have passed will be established.

In this respect, a regulation on the provision of visa mediation services was published in the Official Journal.

Turkey is about to change the visa requirement for foreigners. Then, visa applicants arrive in our country and apply for a visa agency with the documents they have prepared. After the application is submitted, the evaluation phase will be evaluated and whether or not the visa is approved. In some cases, the applicant may be invited to interview. In return, the fee will be charged and transferred to the consular account of the foreign agency.

Here are all the details:

From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:


Purpose and scope 1. T

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ARTICLE 1 – (1) The purpose of this Regulation, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of 7/7/2010 and heading 6004, is to provide mediation services to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for visa applications abroad under the Act on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to identify issues related to contracts to be concluded with agencies / firms that will serve the intermediary to secure the share of visa application fees collected by the intermediate institution / company in the consulate's revenue account of the relevant agency / firm in the ministry's services, have modified the procedures and policies on revenue and t


ARTICLE 2 – (1) This Regulation has been drawn up on the basis of Article 1 of Law No 6004 of 7 July 2010 on certain regulations concerning staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Article 3 – paragraph 1 In this Regulation;

  1. (a) Minister: Minister for Foreign Affairs;
  2. b) Ministry: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  3. (c) Institutions / firms: Company / association / association / organization providing intermediary services

ç) Foreign representation: Embassy / Consulate General accepting service

  1. d) Contract: Contract on brokering services to be signed between agencies / firms and foreign embassies for the purpose of obtaining brokerage services by a foreign agency;
  2. (e) Mediation service: falls within the scope of this Regulation;

1) To accept applications with an appointment system to establish an establishment / firm

2) Organization / Company checks the authenticity of documents

3) All necessary information about organizations / companies applicants is entered into the system exactly and completely,

4) Original documents of requested companies / companies and handover of applicant's passport to external representation in a safe way

5) Receipt of passport and application documents from company / company address

6) The merkez VIP application larda service, which concerns catering in private rooms in pre-project centers of organizations / companies

7) The organization / company submits the travel document and the application documents to the foreign representative within the deadline set by the foreign agency,

8) Ensuring the payment of the visa fee of the organization / firm to a foreign agency

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9) The organization / company that passes samples of the takeover of the service to a foreign agency

10) The organization / firm will return completed passports to applicants

(11) The organization / firm keeps records of all visa applications received and detailed service charge accounting records.

12) to provide other services related to visa applications that the Ministry considers appropriate,

  1. f) Share: Amounts deposited in the representative income account pursuant to Article 1 of the Act on Certain Regulations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of 7 July 2010
  2. (g) Collateral: Guarantee certificate to be provided by the bank in cash or USD / Euro / Turkish lira calculated as 10% of the minimum visa service fee multiplied by the number of visas issued by the foreign agent within one year;


Identification of the organization / firm for the provision of brokerage services

ARTICLE 4 – (1) If deemed necessary by the Ministry, it may deem it appropriate for an external representative to obtain mediation services in a city in a given region.

(2) The Minister or his authorized representative shall designate the institution / firm that will provide the mediation service solely for that purpose, taking into account the criteria set out in this Article.

(3) institutions / enterprises to serve the intermediary;

  1. (a) persons established in accordance with the legislation of foreign countries are properly established and operate in accordance with the laws of that State;
  2. (b) not be in breach of insolvency, compulsory liquidation, closure, agreement with creditors, limitation of rights and similar obligations, may not be in a situation where they may interrupt the provision of brokering services or cause such cases to be declared;
  3. (c) Turkey or overdue due to the lack of public debt in accordance with the laws of its countries;

(d) Turkey, or completed in accordance with the legislation of its countries, lacks social security premium debts;

  1. (d) establish the institutional, physical and technical infrastructure of the Visa Application Center in the country where the service will be provided by an external representative.
  2. (e) is not a company / firm that previously provided the service but whose contract was terminated under the termination clause in the contract;

They need.

(4) The following information and documents may be required to determine the economic and financial capacity and professional and technical competences of organizations / firms to provide brokerage services:

  1. (a) to determine economic and financial adequacy;

1) Documents concerning the financial situation of the institution / firm to be obtained from banks

(2) the necessary parts of the balance sheet or balance sheet of the organization / firm that must be disclosed in accordance with applicable law;

3) Information on total organization / firm turnover,

May be required.

  1. (b) to determine professional and technical competence; Documents may be required to demonstrate that the organization / firm is registered in the relevant chamber in accordance with its legislation.

(5) Within three working days of the date of designation of the company / firm, the company / company must be notified by the minister or the authorized person by signing the contract by providing a guarantee within ten days of the date of notification. The contract may be signed between an external agency and an organization / company for a period not exceeding three years. If the contract is for a period of less than three years, the decision shall be taken by the Minister or by a person authorized by him.

Control of the organization / firm that will provide brokerage services

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ARTICLE 5 – (1) Authorities to be appointed by a foreign representative shall have access to the information and documents available to the organization / company, where appropriate. If necessary, he may oversee external representation. There is no need for external representation to provide information to the organization / firm in advance.

Establishment of mediation service costs

ARTICLE 6 – (1) The mediation service fee shall be determined by the Minister or an official assigned according to the following criteria:

  1. a) Our visa regime for the country where the intermediary service will be accepted.
  2. b) Visit intensity for tourism, work, work, education, treatment and similar purposes for our country.
  3. c) Social and economic status of the country.

(d) Visa visa service price accepted by third countries in the country where the service is to be received.

(2) Vehicle service fee is the amount an organization / firm receives for a visa application regardless of the name of the visa provider. However, this amount does not include value added tax (VAT) or the same tax levied by the mediation service in accordance with the relevant legislation of the country.

Problems to be included in a contract with an organization / company that is considered appropriate

ARTICLE 7 – (1) The following questions are required in contracts to be prepared in accordance with this Regulation: t

  1. a) Name, nature, type of service, description of work in the service.
  2. b) Name and address of the external agency.
  3. c) Name of the organization / firm or business name, address of the notification to the notification.

ç) The following general rules to be followed by the organization / company:

1) Republic of Turkey visa regime within the aliens who wanted to enter our country with visa processing, January 4, 2013 dated and 6,458 numbered aliens and may be under the international law on protection, a consequence occurred after they did apply for a visa through a visa pre-application system developed by the Ministry If they consider it appropriate, foreign representatives can travel with a visa on the label with their hands.

2) A foreign representative may interview the candidates if he / she deems it necessary.

3) visas that have received a foreign visa issued to foreign agents do not provide absolute right to enter Turkey's border to Turkey in terms of legitimate legislation police officers in the door have found fit and has come to decide which will be sent to the countries accepting passengers (Inadmissabl Passenger 'INADINA' ) in accordance with the law.

4) The provisions of the contract concluded between the organization / company and the foreign embassy will not result in a change in the principles set out in Act No. 6458 and will be operated in accordance with the relevant legal regulations.

  1. d) Service charge.
  2. e) Contract duration.
  3. (f) Period for depositing 20% ​​of service costs on the Consular Income Account.
  4. g) Terms of change of contract.

)) Obligations of the intermediary firm / company regarding the technical equipment and safety of the personnel to be employed in relation to the service which is the subject of the contract.

  1. (h) the powers and rights of the Ministry and the foreign agency in relation to the provision of the service.

(i) How to carry out a vehicle visa service.

  1. (i) the penalty to be imposed where the service provider acts in breach of the contract. The following information shall be added to the contract:

1) Sharing information and documents obtained by organizations / companies under a contract with third parties of organizations / companies and its employees.

2) Use of such information and documents outside the contract and policies and procedures specified in the contract.

3) In the event that the organization / firm fails to meet its contractual obligations and obligations or damages caused by defects or errors arising in connection with the fulfillment of obligations and obligations arising from the performance of obligations and obligations, the damage will be damaged.

4) Non-compliance with deadlines for foreign shareholding in foreign consular income.

5) The organization / firm will make procedures such as distinguishing between applicants, changing their order, holding more waiting than the deadline set in the appointment period and preventing justice such as counterfeiting.

  1. (j) Termination conditions. The order is accompanied by: t

1) Shortcomings and errors in situations where an organization / firm cannot be removed due to the nature of the brokerage service. In these cases, the foreign agency may unilaterally terminate the contract by a foreign agent.

  1. (k) Dispute resolution.
  2. (l) Type and amount of collateral to be determined by different countries.

Paying a deposit to a consular income account

Art. 8 – (1) Under a contract concluded between an organization / firm assigned by a foreign agent; a corporation / firm invests directly on behalf of a foreign representative's consular service by the end of working hours every Wednesday, with the exception of VAT and the same taxes.

(2) In the event that this amount cannot be deposited directly to the account of the consular income of a foreign agency in accordance with the national law of the country of delivery, the company / firm is responsible for the duty of the foreign embassy until the end of the working period. delivery document.

(3) Foreign representation shall state this amount, which was deposited in the consortium's income account, with the fee for the Mediation Service, the statement in the next collection table no.

(4) External representation is obliged to examine whether the amount deposited on a consular account or handover is the amount that should be.

(5) If the difference between the amount to be paid as a result of the check and the amount paid to the Ministry is the difference, the penalties shall be applied in accordance with the relevant clause of the contract concluded with the company / company.

Budgeting and usage of share

Art. 9 – (1) The private share of the accepted share will be recorded in (B) of the general budget table; In accordance with the provisions of § 1 of Act No. 6004 and the provisions of the Financial Year Act concerning the granting of a special budget contribution to the Ministry, the Ministry's tasks and services and the transfer of subordinate funds to the next year's budget apply.


Art. 10 – (1) This Regulation shall enter into force on the day of its publication.


ARTICLE 11 – (1) The provisions of this Regulation shall be exercised by the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

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